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Only In Portland, Oregon

When vegan Democrat Dennis Kucinich campaigned for president against John Kerry last time around, he had no problem finding a great vegan place to eat at Papa G's Deli. If anything, Portland is known for vegans.

But Portland is also well known as one America's strip club capitals as well. And now incredibly, like some weird teleporter created hybrid creature from THE FLY film, some enterprising genius has created what may be the nation's only nonsmoking, all vegan food, strip club, called Casa Diablo.

And the owner of Casa Diablo, Johnny Diablo has had no problem at all recruiting some vegan major league babes as pole dancers willing to bare it all onstage while adoring customers enjoy a totally meatless meal, with the only meat gyrating on plastic high heels or fake nurses uniforms on the stage. Can you say plain outrageous?

Whether the concept of a vegan strip club free of smoke really catches fire is a million dollar question. But so far, by the truckload, good looking vegan stripper babes have been flocking to this new club which opened on February 1st to work en masse in the clean nonsmoking and meatless environment.

Whether enough vegan customers also come in en masse is the only remaining business success question. This outrageous new business formula manages to combine three of Portland, Oregon's very favorite things: vegan food, drinking and strippers. Parents only have to be so proud that their beautiful daughters are working in such a clean meat-free environment as pole dancers.

Only in Portland, Oregon dear folks.

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Paul, you seem to have rather intimate knowledge about these places. If the Vegan place is too far out for you, come to Annies in Astoria and see whether what I was told by the the last Coast Guard CO are the ugliest and oldest dancers in the world. Lots of smoke and grime assured, and no assurances on the origin of any meat they serve there. Hurry before the building falls down!

Hello, Epador. I'm always on the lookout for hearing about new vegan businesses opening up, and imagine my surprise when I heard about this strange new twist on the typical vegan restaurant as I know it opening up on February 1.

Normally you think of vegans as ranging from persons concerned about health issues like myself all the way to animal rights activists who opppose the slaughter of animals for political reasons and are card carrying PETA members. Left leaning Representative Dennis Kucinich seemed like an all too typical vegan in some many ways, including his politics, and was indeed the local political darling of the Portland vegan left opposing John Kerry in the May 2004 Oregon Primary Election.

Veganism in Oregon has had a long and interesting history. Recently the oldest vegan and vegetarian grocery store in the state, The Daily Grind did close down because of some issues with the property owners over excessive rent and the need to upgrade some equipment in the next few months in order to comply with some new state regulations, all leading to a cash crunch for a business orginally started by Seventh Day Adventists many years ago to serve their religious dietary law needs and a great outlet for the traditional "Loma Linda" vegetarian foods. But a newer wave of vegan business establishments such as the Food Fight vegan grocery store and New Seasons Market have joined Wild Oats and People's as major vegan grocery outlets. A number of vegan restaurants also exist, although some seem like a relic from the Hippie days of the 60's or early 70's in so many ways. Even large retailers like Fred Meyer and Safeway have gotten into the act with sharply increased natural food inventories added to their typical line of groceries. Safeway has recently added more than 3,000 natural food products to their Portland stores, especially in Southeast Portland, the real vegan hub of the city.

Given this history of veganism in Portland, Oregon it seems far beyond strange that some new vegan restaurant has decided to combine that concept with a strip club. The jury is still out with me whether the largely politically left leaning vegans of Portland really want to combine their vegan diet lifestyle with some drinking and very well-shaven pole dancers giving their customers an extremely good lesson in informal gynecology, while they enjoy their vegan meals. How far removed is this from old Seventh Day Adventist Daily Grind business concept?

The owner of Casa Diablo, Johnny Diablo is either the greatest marketing genius of the 20th century, or else has stumbled upon the greatest possible plan for business failure ever by combining such dissimilar elements that it really pleases no one. Only time will tell which one is correct.

Annies certainly sounds like a real dive for the drunken sailors of Astoria to lose their hard earned dollar bills at, stuffing them into the G-strings of the well shopworn pole dancers. I've even heard of stories of a few less than good eating establishments that serve up steaks as tough as shoe leather, but only survive financially year after year because the adult entertainment really acts as the main drawing card.


A vegan booger bar?

The pope must have granted a tadpole dispensation.


Wow! No admin delay for comments at a Hoosen post!
You do know your marketing!

"the ugliest and oldest dancers in the world"

Well, outside of sub-saharan Africa or of the reject quarter of Olongopo, The Doll House (N. Admiral, Tulsa OK) is the End of The Line for ancient strippers who just can't seem to get Show Biz out of their blood. And are too fat and lazy to collect old cans for recycling.

12x30' with sand coming in underneath the walls. Horrendous Mother-Grandmother "talent".

Here I must say that Oklahoma is an excellent state for white girls overall, though! Unlike Arkansas.

Lee Ward:

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Steve Crickmore:

I suppose I'm fortunate to live in Brazil where the 'polemic' of the week was how 'miniscule' a costume is permitted in the national carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro....On Sunday evening, the leading national TV (family viewing) news show 'Fantastico' had an item on the controversy.


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