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Two Hearts, Beating as One

For every Romeo there is a Juliet, and...

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Separating himself from the idea that his presidency will be a third Bush term will be absolutely key for McCain. If independents don't buy into the separation, he has no chance.

Lee Ward:

I've seen some of the early signs of what the GOP has planned in the way of scaring the beejeebus out of voters regarding terrorism (and plan to write on this subject in the future), and you can bet John McCain will be pounding that "The Islamo-Facists are gonna rape your daughters!" drum right along with the rest of the GOPers up for election...

So I think McCain will be hard pressed to separate himself from the Bush legacy.

after all they make such a cute couple....


That's a good point--his strong suit is foreign policy and on those issues he is closely associated with Bush.


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