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Clinton Rolls Out Second Attack Ad in Wisconsin (video)

Update: Factcheck.org investigated Obama's attack ad and found a critical claim made by Obama false and misleading.

The Obama campaign released a new ad Feb. 14 in Wisconsin called "Debate," quoting Bill Clinton's first Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, as saying Obama's plan covers "more people" than Clinton's. We find the ad misleading and, in one respect, false.[...]

Reich did not, however, state in any of his blog items that the Obama plan "does more to cut costs" or that it saves $2,500 for the typical family. Those are claims made by the Obama campaign, not by Reich as the ad falsely claims.

I'm really glad Obama decided to take the negative approach first and roll out on the attack against Clinton back in late October of last year. Rallying the Clinton-haters has definitely made for a more interesting race.

Earlier this week the Clinton campaign 'went negative' television ad in Wisconsin that attacked Obama for failing to rise to the debate challenge in Wisconsin.

Less than 24 hours later Obama responded with his own attack ad answering Clinton's debate challenge.


Jerome Amstrong at MyDD, offers this from a Clinton PR that fact-checks Obama's attack ad above:

[On Screen: Obama's housing plan "stems foreclosures" AP, 1/14/08]

FACT: The actual source for the assertion that the Obama plan will 'stem the foreclosure crisis' is not the AP but their own campaign. "Barack Obama yesterday unveiled an economic stimulus package costing up to $120 billion that his campaign said would put money in the hands of workers and seniors, stem the foreclosure crisis, and cover state budget shortfalls." [AP, 1/14/08]

Obama counters with an attack ad that contains a quote they supplied themselves... but then attribute to analysis from the Associated Press? Classy....

and after another 24 hours or so Clinton's campaign has responded with this:

Obama has to demonstrate that he can defend himself against strong attacks -- and what Clinton has dished out so far is nothing compared to what the Republicans will throw at him if he's the nominee. So far he's matching Clinton each step of the way.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Obama should say something too the effect: that he has disclosed his income tax records well before the Convention, not after the convention as the Clintons now say they will. (what nonsense is that?) that he will video tape all advice he gets from lobbyists on the health care plan, that his administration will be transparent from day one.

Maybe he should also offer to debate Hillary in Wisconsin. He might be losing more points to Clinton by not agreeing even at this late stage, than a so/so perfrmance would lose for him.

Lee Ward:

I disagree that he should now debate Clinton in Wisconsin. He'll look weak if he folds to pressure, and it leaves him open to charges of flip-flopping. He should stay the course.

Once the Rezko trial starts Obama's troubles will triple, and its going to be never-ending string of questions and innuendo that'll be fodder for attack ads through November. His claims that he only did 5 hours of work for Rezko's firm are laughable when you realize that Rezko was on Obama's senatorial campaign committee...

And then there's the stinky, slimy real estate deal -- the Rezkos and Obamas bought real estate together --- and yet Barack says the only ties he had to Rezko was the 5 hours of work?

Riiiight. Now that the campaign advertising has gone negative, and this may be the marker of that turn, it won't turn back to sweetness and light if Obama survives Clinton's attacks - McCain will pile on right along behind her, if he waits that long.

Steve Crickmore:

If Hillary goes down that the Rezko path and for the thousandth declare she's been endlessly 'vetted' Obama should take the bait and say, "It's true Senator Clinton has been endlessly vetted -- but that's because her shared career with Bill has been an endless string of scandals"...one being Refco ...that should give her some pause, if she continues on that vein.


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