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Larry Sinclair Sues Obama and is Offered $100K to Take Polygraph

Final Update: It turns out that Larry Sinclair has a rap sheet filled with prosecutions for deceit.

Public records and court filings reveal that he has a 27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit. The record includes forgery charges in two states, one of which drew Sinclair a 16-year jail sentence. The Pueblo County, Colo., Sheriff's Office also has an outstanding warrant for Sinclair's arrest for forging an acquaintance's signature and stealing her tax refunds.

Sinclair's rap sheet is a mile long, and he is currently wanted in Colorado. And judging from the hit logs at this website, there are Republican operatives out there who are still pushing this story as "real".

Makes you wonder who's bankrolling Sinclair's continued efforts and legal fights...

As the series of posts I've written demonstrates, I've thoroughly investigated Larry Sinclair's claims. I have found no basis of fact in any of them.

-Lee Ward
Wizbang Blue
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Update: Sinclair failed the polygraph exam, and has been thoroughly discredited.


Larry Sinclair answers critics' claims that he's a toothless idiot
in a recently released follow-up video.

The most bizarre sideshow of the campaign so far is back in business again -- Larry Sinclair, the whacko who made farsical claims in a YouTube video that he'd engaged in oral sex and cocaine use with Barack Obama, is back in the news.

First, he's filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Obama, a well as Obama campaign head David Axelrod and the Democratic National Committee:

Sinclair filed suit against Obama and his campaign guru David Axelrod in Minnesota district court for allegedly attempting to abridge Sinclair's right to free speech, and for waging an intimidation campaign against him.

Sinclair points to these remarks, made in a community blog on the official Democratic National Committee website, as evidence supporting his lawsuit.

And apparently Obama's camp is trying to use Sinclair's attack to smear Hillary Clinton.

The whole thing is completely crazy, but that alone isn't enough to make it problematic for the Senator. According to several political blogs, the Obama team is looking into any connections Sinclair might have with the Clinton campaign.

In an attempt to prove or disprove Sinclair's wild accusations, whitehouse.com, a satirical website not connected to any governmental agency or the White House (which uses web address whitehouse.gov), has offered Sinclair an opportunity to prove his claim in a polygraph test, taking him up on his offer made in his original YouTube video. Sinclair would receive $10,000 just for taking the test, pass or fail, and would receive $100,000 if the polygraph results support his claim about Obama.

Alright, Larry Sinclair. We've seen your video saying you had a couple of hot nights with Barack Obama. You "performed oral sex" on him while he smoked crack a few years back in Illinois.

It's a pretty good story but we have to admit that it sounds a bit far-fetched. Please pardon us for being skeptical though Larry, it's just these crazy times we live in.

[Update: Read my thoughts on Sinclair's taking of the polygraph in this post titled : "If Larry Sinclair Passes the Polygraph it Doesn't Prove Anything."]

But the laughs just keep on coming. In the federal lawsuit filed by Sinclair (page 1, page 2, page 3) he listed his home address in Duluth, Minnesota, and bloggers have looked into that address seeking to learn more about Sinclair.

From the dearmurray.com website:

As it turns out, the address listed [for Sinclair] on the court filings is for an "elderly assisted care" facility in Duluth, MN.

A section 236 HUD housing complex for the elderly and handicapped.

See p. 12 of the HUD report for Minnesota housing:


Gateway Tower
Units: 154
Occupancy Eligibility: Elderly and Handicapped

Living in an assisted-care housing facility would be quite a step down from the big-spending big shot image Sinclair tried to project in his original video.

And recently the same folks at dearmurray.com researched the original release of the Sinclair video, and came to the conclusion that Ron Paul supporters were behind Sinclair.

"Mr. Sinclair" has given zero proof and absolutely few details about his life to support any sort of credibility.

There appears to be substantial proof, however, that this is originating and/or being perpetuated from the Ron Paul support base.

More to come. I'm sure there will be lots more finger-pointing, denials, and theatrics ahead.


I just came across a radio interview conducted by a conservative internet radio talk show (caosblog.com) where Sinclair addresses the issues, and states he's negotiating with whitehouse.com over the details for taking the polygraph test. Sinclair makes it sound as if the deal is moving forward and will happen.

Sinclair mentions in the hour-long interview that he's talked extensively with a Chicago Tribune newspaper reporter who is investigating and fact-checking Sinclair's claims, and goes into more details about his lawsuit in a radio show linked here.

Sinclair also says he's now being accused of working for Obama, and that he's doing this so that Obama can lay claim that he's being attacked and smeared by Clinton.

He goes on the say he's not working for any campaign, and that reporters are telling him that the media won't touch this story unless they can speak directly to the limo driver Sinclair claims introduced him to Obama. Sinclair says the limo driver has requested that his name not be released at this time but is willing to 'go public' once the story is picked up by the mainstream media.

Apparently the MSM is starting to make inquiries, and Sinclair mentions that he's talked to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Chicago Sun-tmes, and the New York Times.

With respect to the building in which he lives, Sinclair confirms he's now physically disabled (but wasn't when he met Obama in 1999) and further states that he is not living with assisted care, and that he pays market-rate rent for his apartment as per HUD regulations.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (30)

Thanks for the backlink, folks! He's threatening to sue me now, too, for slander. My lawyer has offered to represent me for free, so here's hoping he does!

Steve Crickmore:

Isn't this the sort of story that Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler if confirmed, pays a million dollars for? And what would end this story or keep it alive is for someone to talk to some of Larry Sinclair's friends, neighbours and relatives and find out what type of person this guy is. As I suspect it will be the description of someone who likes to invent stories or is very vulnerable to being persuaded that something did happen like those people who give first person accounts of being involved in alien abductions.

bacaangel[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The above reporting is outrageous, slanderous and something to promote false gossip and speculation about Senator Obama. If that is the only way they can win, it is pretty telling what kind of people would be in the Whitehouse who could stoop to spreading lies for their own personal gain. There are plenty of stories about Pres. Clinton and his sex escapades and some of Sen Clinton which I will not stoop to go into because unsubstantiated and I will not try to slander someone's good name for political gain for someone else. I hope Sen. Obama finds out who paid this man to slander him in this way. And if it is the Clintons, I don't think they want to Go There!

stclaire, San Diego:

If this person reside in a skill nursing facility due to his disability then it appeared that this individual could have another condition why he is in the SNF. He appeared he can able to do his ADLs and capacity to create such things and because of that more likely he has other physical and mental conditions that qualified him to be in that environment. Government subsidized care required substantiated medical conditions in order to qualify. The question is, if he is disable, then how long he has been that way? Is it congenital or due to other reasons such as car accident? There are thousands of questions why he is in this facility and that alone raises the validity of his case.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Sinclair answered that question in one of the interviews, stating that he has a non-congenital, physical disability only.

Perhaps questions about his disability will be included in the poiygraph test.

stclaire, San Diego:

I am hoping also that the test will include her past mental condition. People should also take in consideration that this type of test is not exactly 100%. People with extreme neurophysical superiority can possibly beat this mode of testing. Whoeve is paying for this test, they should also consider asking Sinclair permission (in writing) to research his past medical records. Mind you, even childhood past medical conditions will indicate something. They should not rely on this test. They have to dig deeper. If they don't, the other party will. The irony of this, the family and relatives of this individual will be exposed to scrutiny in order to excavate the "other" possibilities.


How do you know Sinclair's not telling the truth? He's got specific dates and places -- should be easy for a few MSM journalists to take a few days and ask the right questions.

If Obama used crack in 1999, then that's it for him. Do you even want to know? Most Obama fans probably don't.

stclaire, San Diego:

Specific dates and places could be all connected into a possible story. In order to sensetionalized a "Me" story, I myself sometimes could do that specially if you are going back to an almost ten years old scenario. The most odd of this story, this individual came up with this recent allegation and elected not to expose this story when the senator became famous right after the 2004 democratic convention or even right after the release of his famous books. This individual could not have the ability to predict that he is running for president unless he is a gifted fortune teller. The disparity of sequence of events will even induce question in the minds and intelligence of common people and that including me.
Alright, enough with this. I have laundry and cooking to do.


Look He may have smoked the crack and thats bad enough. But getting his pole smoked by a dude when he got a hottie like Michele at home. Sorry I highly doubt it and I don't really like him.


I smoked crack and engaged in a three-way just last week with Obama and Clinton. Will someone pay me $20K to take a polygraph?

And relax, bacaangel, the reason this is Obama is because no one would pay anything for Clinton, they would all just assume it was true. This guy is as much an agent of the Clinton campaign as that nut heckler in Ohio the other day...


was an agent of the Obama campaign!

Laurie Loo:

I listened to the Larry Sinclair interview from yesterday at blogtalkradio. The strangest thing he said was; he's not going to release any physical or factual evidence (like receipts, etc) because of how the story is being twisted by the blogosphere.

This is the first indication to me that he is crazy and might be lying. His not releasing anything factual is WHY there is speculation. He could stop all the chaotic speculation, and probably the threats, by revealing the very information he doesn't want to.

That's crazy.
He could've said it is being litigated or something else that would've made sense. Now it just smacks of being made up with no physical proof.


Now it just smacks of being made up with no physical proof.

It always did. The guy's looking for attention, and he'll string people along as long as they give it to him.


Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

"he's not going to release any physical or factual evidence (like receipts, etc) because of how the story is being twisted by the blogosphere."

Sinclair has stated that he lots of physical proof (credit card receipts, and I'm not sure what else) that he is willing to turn over to reporters. In the interview he said he's not willing to turn it over to bloggers because of how the story is being twisted by bloggers, etc.

stclaire, San Diego:

Physical proofs after almost 10 years and pursue this issue now that he is running for president, that is very incovenient. There's also that possibility that in some degree, a pocket of white people will never accept a black person to be their leader. I came acrossed few insulting and degrading blogs referenced to what I just mentioned.


A polygraph test is highly reliable but not admissible as evidence in court. If they were unreliable cops wouldn't ask spouses of homicide victims to take them to rule them out as suspects. If the guy takes the test and passes next Tuesday I will believe him especially if Obama refuses to take one to prove his innocence. If he proves to be a liar he should be taken out and shot after we waterboard him to find out who really put him up to it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

,,,after we waterboard him to find out who really put him up to it.

I like the way you think, Dave. I don't believe that anyone put him up to it, however. The downside is too great if it was traced back to them.

mama bear:

It is mighty funny how all this came to light now! But if it is true I wud have to think long and hard about voting for Hillary with all the Clintons shady past and and failures and disappointing behavior during B. Clintons days as our supposed leader! I certainly would not vote for this Mcain character. I think all this reafirms alot of peoples beliefs you can't trust politicians! I vote 4 no one!


I am not saying whether I believe these allegations or true or not. I did want to point out that while Gateway Towers does include a senior center (154 rooms)the towers also have apartments for rent.



Mama Bear:

Well wat ya kno doesn't matter what scandal is out there,the American people still want obama over Hilarious or the control freak Mcain.

Russell Tupper:

Gee, let's ask Tucker Carlson and John Fund - hardly standard-bearers for the liberal media - since they were both falsely acccused of sexual improriety by two DIFFERENT crazy people. Look it up.

Type in either one of their names and the word "rape" into Google and you'll see it for yourself.

Any loon can make a charge against someone.

As Carlson said, it used to be that when a sex scandal broke, if the actual charge wasn't true, at least something was - the candidate or person accused did something sexual.

Then he was accused of rape in Louisville by some woman. He spent thousands of dollars not only proving he wasn't there at the time of the alleged rape - but also that he had never been to Louisville in this entire life!!!!

Perhaps the standard of accuracy in a major media-story should be a little higher than a self-recorded You Tube video, a self-respresented case filed in Federal Court (which would accept my lawsuit against the moon for shining too bright - if I had the filing fee) and interviews by people who's blogs make Oliver Stone movies look like recorded bits of actual history.

Come on!

stclaire, San Diego:

So what now Larry Sinclair? Results are in...see whitehouse.com.

Pathetic liar!


I believe Sinclair. The more I see Obama the more I see how he is somewhat effeminate. Makes sense, his wife strikes me as a ball buster. There are a lot more black men invloved in the "down low" than most people would think. These guys don't see themselves as gay, they just think they're cool. Like these black guys you see with ear rings on both ears.



Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The media has a pretty crumby record these days of reporting fully on the issues and matters that ARE real.

and now that Sinclair's polygraph shows that he wasn't truthful, you expect them to report that?



...and YOU know these things are factual about "black men" HOW?...


Hillary Clinton is behind all of this. It's been nothing but dirt and lies since the day she realized America is not interested in being led by a spineless witch.


How is this different from the bogus letter that Dan Rather reported on about President Bush? The answer - The liberal media is not jumping all over this even though there is no evidance.

I also like the bit about Obama's camp blaming Clinton. He probably thinks that the Hillary is in charge of everything evil. Next the Obamanation will say that Hillary is charge of the VRWC.


Did he ever take the test? What happened?


He failed two lie detector tests but made lots of money! This clearly a put up job, he's rehearsed and not even remotely believable. Someone is hoping to put doubts about Obamas drug use at a crucial time in the primaries. I have my own suspicions but it's interesting the BJ was included in the story


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