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Clinton TV Ads - Ohio and Texas

The Clinton campaign has launched two new ads (embedded below).

The first is for Texas. Despite the feel-good closing in last night's debate that earned a standing ovation, in her Texas ad Clinton continues to obliquely hit on Obama as all hat and no cattle with this "rolling up her sleeves and getting to work" ad:

"In Texas, it's better done than said," the announcer concludes. "And when it's all said and done, Hillary delivers."

For the Ohio television spot the Clinton campaign is playing off Hillary's midwestern roots in an ad featuring an endorsement from former astronaut and Ohio U.S. Senator John Glenn:

In the Ohio ad, Clinton relies on her biggest-name endorsement, John Glenn, the popular former US senator and astronaut. He vouches for her, saying that they share middle-class backgrounds from the Midwest and that she will fight for working people.

"I'll be proud to call Hillary my president," Glenn says.

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