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Obama Supporters Issue Death Threats Against Critic

Other bloggers' experiences are similar to mine. Obama supporters who, in their enthusiasm and zeal to support their candidate of choice, are acting out inappropriately. Chelsea Clinton was recently heckled by an Obamatron in San Antonio, and the ObamaBobbleheads troll the internet constantly, trying to be first to comment on any story relating to Barack.

Recently I've had to ban two Wizbang Blue commenters whose anti-Hillary screeds were becoming obsessive. One of them even admitted in a subsequent email exchange that his comments were not meant to lend to the discussion, but that he was only interested in harassing.

Death Threats

Barack Obama, along with Clinton, McCain and Huckabee, was invited to speak at this weekend's State of the Black Union forum in New Orleans. This is the forum's 9th year, and this year's topic is "Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future." Clinton was the only candidate to accept, and Obama sent his regrets that he'd be unable to attend due to his grueling campaign commitments.

"In the final stretch, I will be on the campaign trail every day in states like Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin talking directly with voters about the causes that are at the heart of my campaign and the State of the Black Union forum," Obama wrote.

Tavis Smiley, the organizer of the event, was critical of Obama's choice to not attend the forum.

"I think it's a missed opportunity on Mr. Obama's part," Smiley told CNN. "Now, I am not interested in demonizing him for his choice, but I do disagree with it."

How dare Smiley disparage Obama.

But Smiley's criticism has also prompted many people to come to Obama's defense. The talk show host told The Washington Post he has been inundated with angry e-mails and even death threats.

"I have family in Indianapolis. They are harassing my momma, harassing my brother. It's getting to be crazy," Smiley told the newspaper.

WaPo's "The Trail" reports:

Tavis Smiley, the bestselling author of the "Covenant With Black America," is in a world turned upside down. He said he's being "hammered," "barbecued," and is "catching hell" from black Americans for suggesting that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) made a major mistake by declining to speak at the State of the Black Union event that Smiley plans to host next week in New Orleans.[...]

"I love Barack Obama and I love black people," Smiley said. "I celebrate his past accomplishments and I celebrate his future aspirations. I never wanted to stand in the path of his growth."

However, he said, "My job is to ask the critical question, to raise these issues and keep these guys focused. There are some people who are disappointed that I'm not jumping up and down saying, 'Vote for Barack Obama.' That's not my role as a journalist. That's not what I do."

Now we know where Dennis Kucinch's and Ron Paul's wacko supporters have gone - they've apparently joined the Obama camp. Their (latest) messiah can do no wrong, and there will be hell to pay if anyone dares criticize the young Prince.

Hopefully Obama will demonstrate his oft-repeated eagerness to civilize politics in our country and pull people together by attempting to reign-in those of his supporters on the outer fringes.

Bonus: A video clip compilation of six different women who've fainted at Obama rallies.

I'm nervous because too many Obama-philes sound like Moonies, or Hare Krishnas, or the Hale-Bopp-Is-Coming-To-Get-Me nuts.

These true believers "Obama-ize" everything. They speak Obama-ese. Knit for Obama. Run for Obama. Gamble - Hold 'Em Barack! - for Obama. They make Obama cakes, underwear, jewelry. They send Valentine cards reading, "I want to Barack your world!"

At campaign rallies people scream, cry, even faint as Obama calmly calls for the EMTs. When supporters pant en masse, "I love you!" (like The Beatles, circa 1964), Barack says, "I love you back" with that deliciously charming, almost cocky smile.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (9)

Steve Crickmore:

Here is Obama being interviewed on the 'Tavis Smiley' show, October, 2007.


Agreed that there are some crazy Obama supporters out there.

Obama, though, cannot be held accountable for the behavior of each of the millions of people who have voted for and supported him.


Hitler was responsible for the deaths of six million jews... though he never pulled the lever at the gas chamber himself. Of course Obama is to blame for the actions of his fanatical religous followers. Has he publcly condemned this yet. No... Hypocrites for the "NEW" messiah, how sad for our nation, God help us...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Not even close, 1st responder. There is no way Obama is responsible for the actions of his followers unless (a) he calls them to perform violence (as Hilter did), or (b) he suspects or has reason to know that his followers will be violent in his name and he fails to act.

Neither applies here.

What this story points out is that some (a few? many?) Obamatrons are fanatical in their support of Obama, and this whole extreme aspect to the Obama "movement" is a far cry from a rational nominating process.

It resembles a cult in many ways, and there is no question that Obama has attracted the fringe element.


This article is spot on. You Obamaiacs are quick on the blogs. That aside, you're wrong, and heres why. Obama's refusal to publicly denounce this from "some" of his followers is an example of his character, and this is not the only time he's been silent, when it is "convenient" for his political aspirations. How many innocents down thru the centuries have died because not enough people of conscience stood up and sais, "THIS IS WRONG!!!"
Don't you dare lecture me., I've paid my dues in this life, and I don't need an empty suit with nothing but platitudes to be my new "Savior".
Here's the point, obamafan, regardless of louis fahra-con has to say, I will NEVER put my faith in any one man... or woman.
It's your kool-aid fool, so go drink it.


Perhaps I'm being to hard on Barack {not allowed to mention his middle name} Obama. Perhaps... But this fanatical movement behind ONE IMPERFECT MAN frightens me. Are you saying a LEADER is not responsible for the actions of his/or her followers? ARE YOU ACTUALLY SAYING THIS!!!!????
Wake up AMERICA, before it's to late...


Obama, himself, says that words can inspire action. So its not a huge leap to conclude that he does have some sort of responsibility here.

When is he going to tell his followers that harrassing people isn't what his movement is about?

B. Ghott:

Actually, Kucinich's "wacky" supporters just re-elected him again for the how manyeth time? what about that? Just proves you can be considered wacky by some wrongsters and still win a powerful voice in the most powerful nation in the world's Congress, because youre "wacky" supporters are the majority of voters in your large middle American district. But you wouldn't be anti-American and be putting down all the diverse thousands of people who voted democratically for a congress member, wouldja?


B. Ghott -

Lots of folks voted for Cynthia McKinney, too. Yet the Democratic committee in Georgia dumped her when she got too crazy.

Ain't nothin' that says once you get INTO Congress you're guaranteed a seat. It all depends on how you can con your supporters.


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