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Rezko Obama Relationship Resurfaces (ABC video)

Now that Barack Obama is securely in the lead the spotlight will turn towards his relationship with Rezko. The trial begins next week, and the report below, which aired in early January, is an example of the news coverage ahead as the trial gets underway.

As the ABC story above points out, Obama has not been honest about his dealings with Rezko, claiming that he didn't know Rezko was under investigation when clearly the rest of Chicago knew.

Here's a report from 9 months ago, and the failure of the media to fully investigate this story is glaring.

Sidebar: Nader is going to skewer Obama over this, and given Clinton's recent willingness to finally take off the gloves and come out swinging against Obambi, and the fact that Obambi's current position as frontrunner puts him squarely in McCain's sights, I suspect that Obambi's 'deer in the headlights' look of innocence is going to fade quickly.

Watch for signs that the media's love affair with Obambi is starting to weaken now that it appears he has a secure grip on the lead heading into the convention


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