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Bill Richardson as Vice-President

Bumped and updated: Richardson stated earlier today that he may make an endorsement in the next few days.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a key superdelegate in the U.S. presidential contest, said he would decide this week whether to endorse a Democratic candidate.

Richardson, himself an early candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, remained on the fence for endorsing a particular candidate. But, in an interview with The Albuquerque Journal, Richardson said, "I'm going to decide whether to endorse certainly this week."

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published: Feb 14, 08 09:39 AM

Bill Richardson as Vice-President

Richardson.jpgWhen Wizbang Blue first started covering the Democratic Party's field of eight candidates there was strong agreement among the writing staff that Governor Bill Richardson was an excellent choice for Vice-President.

While he didn't have the experience, charisma, and name-recognition of the Democratic frontrunners and rising stars, it was clear that his solid, current executive experience as New Mexico's governor coupled with his previous stint as a Congressman, and his high-level cabinet work under Bill Clinton's administration (serving as Secretary of Energy and UN Ambassador) coupled with his strong diplomatic abilities evident in the hostage negotiations he conducted in North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba, gave Richardson a unique set of superior skill-sets and experience that positioned him nicely for the White House.

The consensus was that he didn't have the name recognition and 'panache' to ultimately prevail against his strong opponents, but that he definitely was the frontrunner in the race for Vice-President.

To date, Richardson has not endorsed either Obama or Clinton, so evaluating what and where he could put his experience and endorsement to good use in the final stretch of the Democratic Party nomination process becomes interesting food for thought.

The Latino vote in Texas is one of the remaining linchpins in the final run for nomination. Clinton has it -- and Obama wants it.

An endorsement from Bill Richardson could be a factor in pushing the Texas Latinos in one direction or the other. However, going one step further, the selection of Richardson as a Vice-Presidential running mate would be an even stronger push, and could be a decisive factor in securing the nomination for either Clinton or Obama.

Traditionally, the Vice-Presidential choice is made at or after the convention, so its unlikely that the selection would be announced during the primaries, but an endorsement from Richardson, and a strong hint in return that he's under strong consideration as a Veep-mate, could be enough -- especially if Richardson were to then attach himself at the hip of the candidate he endorsed, and campaign at their side in Texas.

With the added strength he'd bring to the table in Texas at this critical juncture, Governor Richardson just might be endorsing the next President of the United States in the process. And now that Democratic Party has come this far, with the final race being waged between a woman and an African-American, having a Hispanic VP would put a nice cap on this celebration of U.S. diversity.

I wouldn't be surprised if Richardson receives some roses here on Valentine's Day from both Clinton and Obama. I hope we see him back in the spotlight soon.

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (10)

Richardson is such a talented figure within the Democratic Party that I think that he is almost certain to end up with some major position in the next Democratic administration if the Demos win in November. VP or a major post such as Secretary Of State are highly likely I think.

Steve Crickmore:

I think that though it makes some electorally sense for Obama, Richardson is very close to the Clintons. Bill Clinton even watched the superbowl together with Bill in Santa Fe. Richardson clearly loves the the retail side of politics. He set the Guinness world record for handshakes--13,392 in eight hours-- He is term limited to be governor in New Mexico until 2010, maybe in the second half of the term of a another Clinton Presidency when he needs a job.

Richardson admits in his political memoir, 'Between Worlds' he has made a lot of bad calls in his political career.

He cops to erring in opposing the 1991 Gulf War, in backing the current Iraq War, (for some time anyway) in believing accusations against the nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee while at the Department of Energy, and even in countenancing the relentlessly nice tone of the 2004 Democratic convention (of which he was chair) that gave President Bush a free pass.

It would be inviting extra controversy to have Richardson on the ticket.
The man had maintained for 30 years that he was drafted by the Athletics baseball team when he never was. He said he must have "convinced himself" by reading "Drafted by KC" next to his name on a 1966 minor league game program. No word on how those words got printed, but...
It might not come up (though it did in NM gubernatorial race) but why take the chance?
Obama doesn't need him, and Clinton doesn't need any more bad days.

Steve Crickmore:

bryanD..I kind of agree now...though I was impressed with his cv (maybe even his false claim to be drafted by the Kansa City Atletics) but it's a little like George Bush senior you all thos jobs for playing ball and going along with system ..From the previous link I thought this was a good description of Richrdson at this site-Reading the Candidates'..a good read..and a sympathetic portrait.

Bill Richardson's unabashed love of politics and his gleeful embrace of the whole sordid business--the compromises, the polls, the spin, the strategic use of friends, even the occasional half-truths

He is too much 'the old politics' for Obama's veep and doesn't represent change.

Lee Ward:

If a guy with Richardson's cv Richardson is "too old school" for Obama, I'd love to hear who Obama folks feel would be a good VP to Barack.


Richardson would be a good pick for VP. He may be "old politics" in the sense that he's been in the game for a while, but he is progressive thinking in a lot of areas that most old-timers are not.

I'd love to hear who Obama folks feel would be a good VP to Barack.

Russ Feingold! He probably wouldn't accept though; he likes the Senate (and he's needed there, really).


My favorite part of this post? At the beginning, it says Richardson didn't have the experience of the other candidates. Then it goes on to list a long list of accomplishments.

And as for the baseball thing... it's not a big deal. Ask anyone familiar with baseball back then and they'll tell you drafts weren't the same way they are today. There were mistakes like this made all the time.

I'm not a Richardson apologist -- but there are other issues to criticize him upon, not this meaningless attack.

Lee Ward:
While he didn't have the experience, charisma, and name-recognition of the Democratic frontrunners and rising stars...

His credentials, which I went on to list, weren't enough to carry him to the presidency, obviously.

Steve Crickmore:

Lee..I don't mean to be disrepectful to Richardson..He is has a excellent record as a energy consevationist governor in New Mexico and is extremely popular there, but there are other candidates lesser known nationally, like Kathleen Sebelius, the Kansas governor an Irish Catholic born in Chicago, who unlike Richardson and Edwards has enthusiastically endorsed Obama. She could be a very good complement on the ticket.

One of the key reasons Kansas Democrats are in fighting mood is their governor, Kathleen Sibelius. Sibelius's vote represents an island of Democratic blue in a sea of Republican red on the political map, and she has impressed by reaching the middle-ground voters in a startlingly successful first term. Shunning the hot-button social issues, she has focused on education, jobs and health. This has earned her approval ratings touching 68 per cent in a state that was overwhelmingly pro-Bush in 2004. Sibelius has cracked the political holy grail: persuading heartland Republicans to vote Democrat. 'Her style works here, and then bringing over Parkinson to the Democrats has been the coup of all coups,' said Professor Bob Beatty, a political scientist at Washburn University near Topeka.

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