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Clinton Obama Media Bias (SNL)

UPDATE: NBC scrubbed this clip agaIn, but there is a link to the entire parody here.

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Steve Crickmore:

It many have been spot on for some people including Hillary, but to bring up a SNL skit as proof of anything the way she did on a national debate ostensibly on issues is really below the dignity of a presidental candidate, well at least for another 7 days anyway.

Hillary's 'Restoration Clinton reign' campaign led by their part-time 3 and half milion dollar strategist Mark Penn, with a strategy of 'insulting 40 states' as either insignificant or Red states, spending their money recklessly on such things as palatial hotel suites for all their chiefs, and putting all their eggs in one basket, so that they had absolutely no grass roots organization or preparation for states beyond February 4, are the reasons she has lost so badly this month, and not because of any perceived national bias in the press.


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