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Let the Debate Continue

Last night's democratic Debate in Ohio changed few, if any, minds -- and did nothing to change mine.

Mrs. Clinton couldn't resist pointing out the media bias in favor of Obama that is so common in the race so far, and of course that's what the media picked up on and trumpeted this morning - assessing whether the blow was "glancing" or a "direct hit." It seems to me as if the nation is choosing our next President as if it was an American Idol competition, and the media as forgotten how to report on issues and just resorts to mindless, poll-quoting cheerleading instead.

There was one point in last night's debate where in the middle of a complex answer it became obvious that Obama was repeating his stump speech word-for-word, strengthening my impression that the fellow sometimes has difficulty staying focused. Does he not realize that he's repeating a speech verbatim? Or is he just unable to stop himself -- and in either case what does that say about his expressed willingness to run off and engage every despot and rogue leader in a dialog of Kumbaya Obama-goodness? I'm not sure he'd do more good than harm in that regards.

And while last night's debate was the last Democratic debate scheduled it's obvious that Obama remains unable to convince Democrats like me that he's really ready for the Oval office, and with conservatives chomping at the bit to dig their teeth into him he's not going to have an easy road of it anyway between here and November's election.

So the question turns to Clinton and what she should do going forward. Should she continue to pursue Obama all the way to the convention floor in Denver this August? Or should she back off the attack, lighten up on the assault, and let Obama wear the crown the media has been desperately trying to place on his head ever since the Iowa caucus.

I say let the Democratic debate continue. While Obama has the lead, Hillary Clinton has a huge bloc of support behind her. She needs to continue the fight all the way through the nominating process, and represent those Democrats like myself who remain unconvinced of Obama's ability to lead this nation.

I plan to get behind whichever of them emerges as the Democratic nominee and support their candidacy for President, but I'm not ready to fall into step behind Obama just yet.


  • Transcript of the Cleveland, Ohio debate last night.
  • Associated Press - "Analysis: Debate Unlikely to Change Race"
  • The San Francisco Chronicle (which has endorsed Obama) offers this "blow-by-blow" blogging of the debate.

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Comments (3)

Andrew Lee:

Hi, Mr. Ward:
I thought Obama held his ground not only against Hilary's childish attacks, but he also answered the questions presented by the panel quite well. Hilary, on the other hand, appeared to be very defensive about her healthcare plan and her postion on NAFTA. She has become very devisive and has become a whiner.

At some point, one has to say enough is enough. I think it's time that Hilary concedes and let Obama focus on the bid for the White House.

Steve Crickmore:

I even thought this was supposed to be Hillary's best type of forum, a direct debate, but she hasn't pulled it off. Here is the full NBCon stream video of the debate...There is no doubt that Hillary is 'the fighter' as she continually reminds us and Obama is the born diplomat. But in order to fight, you have to inspire, mobilize and organize on the ground, and not take the opposition for granted. Ridicule is not the best weapon to convince others. I would have thought Hillary's experience, especially her high-handed healthcare fiasco in 92-93 would have taught her that.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Born diplomat? Get serious, resorting to stump speeches when he can't figure out what to say next is not "diplomatic."

At some point, one has to say enough is enough. I think it's time that Hilary concedes and let Obama focus on the bid for the White House.

And that point is when Obama actually is nominated. Right now he's in the lead in delegates, but he does not have enough pledge-plus-superdelegates to achieve the nomination.

If you're going to tell me that Obama would quit now if the situation was reversed and he was behind, which is what you're suggesting Andrew if I understand you correctly, then I say that's yet another reason to vet Obama further. That is what a weak-kneed wuss would do, cut and run and just give up - is that Obama? It's not Clinton.

The Tony Rezko corruption trial gets underway next week, and there are there are six months between now and the convention. a lot can happen between now and then. Barack Obama has not been honest about what he knew and when it knew it with regards to Rezko -- let's see what's behind door number 2 before we crown the young Prince as King.

Keep in mind, Obama supporters, that Clinton supporters want change too - we want to change the drapes in the White House from Red to Blue, and insure that we don't give the Republicans four more years.

Given the polls out today which show McCain beating both Obama and Clinton in head to head matchups, having Clinton leave the race and letting Obama run with it from here does not insure that change will take place next November.

If and when it does, let's talk.


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