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Limbaugh Explains Why Texas Republicans Should Vote For Clinton

Rush Limbaugh is calling for Texas Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in order to keep the battle for the Democratic nomination going (video clip).

I hope there are exit poll questions that measure the success of Limbaugh's call to action - it would be interesting to see the effect, if any.

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Rush and his triple reverse psychology direct action master plan, (c) Wiley Coyote and Merck Laboratories.

What HeadRush REALLY means: An Obama nomination can in NO WAY be spun as a validation of Bush policies. Whereas the Bush-Clintons have developed a relationship which can be explained as political evolution and not a clean break.

It's all about Rush not wishing to work too hard dreaming up and remembering excuses in future as to WHY and HOW things went so wrong. With Hillary it can be marked off as "Democrats' Turn in the WH" won by a supporter of the GWOT.


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