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NAFTA, Rezko Loom Over Today's Primaries

Today, Barack Obama stands in the cold shadow of significant controversies, and we now can see that the whole "new era of politics" that Obama has been promising is nothing more than political posturing...

Obama and his campaign had initially denied a Canadian television report from late last month that Obama's top economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee, had met with Canadian government officials in Chicago and told them Obama's call for reopening labor and environmental rules in NAFTA was merely campaign rhetoric.

But on Monday, The Associated Press obtained a Canadian government memo that detailed a meeting Goolsbee held on a variety of issues, including NAFTA.

'Campaign rhetoric' - also known as 'political bullshit' designed to mislead voters.

But what I find amazing is that Obama obviously lacks both diplomatic skills, as well as the ability to gather facts before shooting off his mouth... and he wants us to believe that he's "White House Ready?"

"Noting anxiety among many U.S. domestic audiences about the U.S. economic outlook, Goolsbee candidly acknowledged the protectionist sentiment that has emerged, particularly in the Midwest, during the primary campaign," a consulate staffer wrote, according to AP. "He cautioned that this messaging should not be taken out of context and should be viewed as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans."

'Political positioning in the midwest primaries' translates into just plain bullshit and lies to the Ohio Democrats as they approach this important primary.

Speaking to reporters to begin the day in Toledo, Ohio, [Clinton] accused Obama of pursuing "the old wink-wink -- don't pay any attention, this is all political rhetoric" strategy of saying one thing for political benefit while privately saying another.

"Apparently, what seems to have occurred is that the Obama campaign had Sen. Obama in Ohio making speeches against NAFTA and having his chief economic adviser making it clear in Canada that he doesn't really mean it," she told an Ohio-market TV station. "I think that raises real questions of credibility."

And we're just now - finally - beginning to see meaningful press coverage of the Rezko scandal that will be in full bloom over the next 3-4 months:

At a news conference, Obama was peppered with questions about his relationship with Rezko, who is accused of pressuring firms seeking state business or investments to pay kickbacks or campaign contributions. He said Clinton's campaign has pushed the story even though there have been "several hundred" news stories about him and Rezko.

"The fact pattern remains unchanged," said Obama, whose campaign has donated to charity more than $150,000 in Rezko-related contributions. "Tony Rezko was a friend and supporter of mine for many years. ... He supported not just me but many Democrats and Republicans."

Obama, however, wouldn't disclose how many fundraising events Rezko hosted for him or who attended, saying such requests "can just go on forever." As his news conference came to an end, reporters continued to shout questions about Rezko but Obama walked out, saying the campaign was "running late."

Running out the door to avoid hard questions - nicely done, oh mighty man of change.

But when you come back to the microphones please tell us how many other politicians Rezko supported by feathering their nests in shady real estate dealings, Barack, and what you did for Rezko in return.

On the eve of Clinton's "Alamo" the press finally starts asking tough questions, and Barack runs for the wings.

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