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Do or Die Has Come and Gone

And it was pretty ridiculous. The press has done America no favors in the way they've covered the elections to date.

The Obamamaniacs are still spinning death yarns, but the same is happening on official levels as well. The following is straight out of the Obama campaign emails -- no joke (at TPM via Ann Althouse).

Tonight was the Clinton campaign's last best chance to make a significant dent in our lead in pledged delegates and they have failed. In our latest projections, we will win the Texas caucus with a double-digit margin and any pledged delegate shift will be absolutely minimal. In fact, Clinton's chances of regaining the delegate lead actually decreased tonight, as the number of delegates remaining dwindles.

It's going to be decided at the convention - that's unavoidable now, but Obama's people aren't leveling with the American public just yet. Amazing... they can choose to live in an alternate reality where hope and dreams are real, and reality doesn't exist, but do they have to try to drag the rest of us in there with them?


Sorry, but this close counting of the delegates seems obtuse. The idea of Obama as a magic man -- and his candidacy as a movement -- is gone. We enter a new phase, and opinion is softened. People will think about things in new ways. The Rezko trial is in the news, and reporters are starting to ask Obama tough questions. We have a long wait for the next primary, and it's a big one that Hillary is expected to win by a wide margin. If we end the primary season with Clinton strong and Obama battered, the superdelegates will respond, and they will make the final call. I'd say Clinton has hugely increased her chance of winning.

Obtuse is a nice word for wacko spin, and the more Obama and his legion of Obamatronic drones drone on about Hillary's death the more they appear out of touch with the real world, and when the red phone rings at 3am who wants them answering the phone?

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That quote from Althouse sounds rational enough. But, someone needs to be asking the question of whose interests are served by a battered Obama, a brokered convention, and Hillary as the nominee with fresh gore on her hands?

Having a nice long primary season is great if we are down to two candidates who beat the crap out of John McCain. But if they are beating on each other, not so good. By the end of the campaign, each candidates supporters need to be able to speak to each other and support each other in the general. If too many bridges get burned, we all lose.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Just today Clinton reached out to Obama with a suggestion that they join together on the ticket, but we all know that Obama's ego is way too large to let him accept a VP slot to Clinton, and there is now way he'd want her as his VP.

If you combine the popular vote in the four states voting yesterday Clinton received 53% of the total votes to Obama's 47%. Don't expect her to take that momentum and just quit in order to preserve Obambi's chances against McCain because, frankly, whatever Clinton throws at Obama leading up to the convention would be thrown at him by McCain instead if Clinton were to step aside.

So Clinton doesn't do any favors for Obama by stepping down, except to insure that he's the Democratic nominee, of course - and right now I remain convinced that result is bad for the Demoratic chances in November.

Ralph Nader offered a simple, yet thought provoking analysis of yesterday's results in an Email today entitled, "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton".

Clinton also never really explained just what "experience" she has that would make her the most effective to answer the "red phone" of any candidate in a real crisis. It can't be military experience, as she has none. And it can't be the ability to work well with others, as she miserably failed to work well enough with the Republican opposition in Congress to get the Clinton Health Care Plan passed. It can't be her management of a law office which unfortunately resulted in the Whitewater mess. And it can't be her management of the White House Travel Office which resulted in the Travelgate mess. Maybe the real experience difference that she's talking about is her seven years in the Senate compared to Obama's Two years. That same "experience" argument would have even more problems when measured against old guard Republican John McCain with voters.

And unfortunately it is probably John McCain which drew the most benefit from yesterday, as the Democratic contest will drag on for a few more weeks with no clear winner and could force both Clinton and Obama into an even more nasty dust-up that only strengthens the 2008 Republican hopes.

The only real ray of light for Democrats today may be some priceless photo opts of John McCain getting a big political embrace from the politically unpopular George Bush and the prospects of a McCain presidency being little more than the third Bush term with all the war and economic downturns that entails.

Hopefully Democrats can settle on a leader very soon. Obama's numbers do seem to be slipping lately nationally, although he inspired and brought in millions of new voters that hopefully will stick around to November to support some acceptable Democratic ticket. Otherwise the party will be hurt, and Republicans could see a surprisingly good year despite $104 oil, Iraq and economic downtrends by the bucketful.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton indeed. Voters once seemed so intesrested in change in the early days of this contest to choose a new leader of the Free World, but now seem to embracing more of the same from old time established political families. Read the book by Sociologist G. William Domhoff, "Who Rules America?", for an even better explanation of how the national ruling class perpetuates their rule in America for generations.

Today is a very good day for Democrats to do some serious soul searching and decide what they believe and what they have to market that gives voters a superior alternative to the Republicans and which candidate can really enact a more progessive agenda.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

As usual, Democrats and Republicans alike are forced to hold their noses and pick the lesser of the evils.

For my money, we Democrats need a candidate who can beat McCain, period. There won't be any progressive agenda in the White House if McCain wins, so the question becomes who has the best shot at beating McCain.

Obambi isn't it - as this week's meteoric fall from grace demonstrated. Obama's national numbers dropped 6 points in 4 days from March 1-4, and all he had to do was talk to the press to make that happen. Did he really think he could get to the White House based on plagiarized speeches only? Really?

If he could only stick to oration he might have a chance, but sooner or later he had to start answering questions, and he promptly stuck his foot in his mouth at the first sign of crisis -- and ran from the press when they called him on it.

For all her faults Clinton is the one who can actually deliver the goods for Democrats in November. Obama has done much to rally voters, and he'd do the same as VP, but his maniac-ized ego won't permit that as we all know.

He wants to be King so he can broker deals with the Republicans -- how nice... for him and the Republicans.

We need Clinton in the WH and a filibuster-proof majority in the House and Senate - and we won't get a progressive agenda for the next four years unless that's what we accomplish - and we shouldn't have to settle for Obambi and his moderate views and consensus-building giveaways. We can do better than that.

The whole "delegate calculator" argument is the equivalent to the "inevitability" argument many Hillary supporters were using a couple months ago. It's a theory by which you have "won" the nomination without going through all the bother of actually winning it.

Super delegates can "commit" and "un-commit" and "recommit" at will. Neither candidate can win the nomination without hundreds of them. In fact, the unspoken secret is that even the "pledged" delegates won in primaries and caucuses are under no obligation other than their own consciences to vote as assigned. There is no party rule against them switching horses either.

There is one way, and one way only, to win the Democratic nomination for President: convince 2025 or more of the convention delegates to vote for you. Any claim of victory based on some other method, however logical, however moral, however certain in someone's mind, is mere fantasy.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

True. They're trying to bury Clinton before the race is over, and disenfranchise the voters in the remaining states from having their say...

The reluctance on the part of the Obama camp to redo the Florida and Michigan primaries is a prime example. It's been Clinton's folks that are pushing to have these two states "counted."

You'd think Barack would take up that flag, given his soaring rhetoric that 'all of the voices should be heard' but the fact that he didn't carry that flag shows the degree to which he's all hat and no cattle.

He talks about "there are no red states or blues states -- we're the United States of America" and yet there clearly in Obambi's world there are "Clinton states" and "Obama states" -- but Barack isn't interested in supporting the "Clinton states" like Florida and Michigan.

Your choice of the word "fantasy" is much kinder than the word I would have chosen to describe the wacky illusions of the ObamaManiacs, Jim.


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