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Civilian Deaths In Iraq Up 33%

Unfortunately much of the American media has become trapped in the myth of the "surge" working and has only looked at the decline in U.S. forces deaths and ignored the continued violence in Iraq that continues to kill innocent civilians. For example, between January and February, Iraqi civilian deaths took a 33% jump up to 721 persons according to official Iraqi government agencies such as the Interior Ministry

In addition to an increase in civilian deaths, Iraqi security forces also suffered their highest death figures since October at 110 in February. The U.S, media has only focused on the U.S. deaths of just 29 in February, and not really looked at the continued instability and violence in the nation that is far from a settled issue. And terrorists continue to find new ways to penetrate U.S. and Iraqi security and blow up bombs in crowded public markets and other places, resulting in a continued sectarian conflict between warring Sunni and Shiite elements. At night, Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods often launch small rocket attacks into each other, which is hardly any sign of peace or stability. And bodies still turn up in the streets each morning as a sure sign of continued sectarian conflict and violence.

No doubt candidate John McCain will be running for president on some "surge is working" myth platform. However it was not that long ago that the same John McCain took a photo-opt trip to an Iraqi market and claimed how "safe" it now was in Iraq to shop, not bothering to mention that nearly 100 American Apache helicopters and about 2,000 soldiers had helped to secure the area just enough for McCain to get a few pictures for political propaganda purposes.

Does the American public really want to buy a used war from John McCain?

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Comments (2)

Peter F.:

Do you ever provide links to the articles and reports you are allegedly citing, or are we just supposed to blindly believe you as well? Links would be helpful and appreciated....

Peter F., I cited the official figures from the Iraqi Interior Ministry as my source in the feature. If anything, this official Iraqi government agency may understate figures, especially in regards to nonShiite deaths, so likely the real civilian death figures may be even worse yet.


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