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Eliot Spitzer's Waste Land. Another Phony Sawdust Politician

What could he possibly have been thinking? (Yes, he's married, with three kids.) It just leaves one speechless. "OK, let's see. I'm the governor of New York, one of the highest-profile governors in the country. I have a reputation for self-righteousness. I'm already screwing up my job. I have loads of people out to get me. What should I do? Yeah, I know - go see a hooker!"

Everyone has heard the the news of Eliot Spitzer, by now. It almost beggars belief that a man who had the reputation as "Mr Clean", except to hookers where he was known personally as being 'difficult',.... and not for busting them. Apparently Spitzer was a regular..Called "client 9" on the wiretap, I wonder who were clients 1 to 8? Spitzer spent a really obscene amount on hookers so much that his bank alerted the feds to possible illegal activity, which was how he go tripped up. No 'shag fund' in the low rent, sexual trade for Spitzer, whose enormous wealth comes from his father's Manhattan real estate empire.

The political ramifications are not pleasant. As a Democrat he evens the playing field that 'wide stance' Larry Craig, David Vitter and other Republicans were threatening to monopolize-the sexual crime, hypocrisy scandal sweepstakes..

For the political fortunes of Obama, another Democratic crusader 'against corruption and for change', it is a draw, but for Hillary it is definite loss. Within an hour of Spitizer's press conference, she had scrubbed any mention of Spitzer's endorsement from her site- Spitzer: "the country faces a crisis in ethics", not a crisis in finding high-price prostitutes native to D.C.. Kristen had to be imported from New York.

Thrice in his brief statement, Spitzer spoke of his affection for his home state: his desire to "bring real change to New York," to "rebuild New York" and to do "what is best for the state of New York." Even in scandal, he sought to patronize New York products, working with a New York company to have Kristen exported.

Since Spitzer is a supporter of Hillary and though he did monstrous things to his wife he did not actually make the fatal slip of calling a politician "a monster", Hillary was forgiving ."Let's wait and see what comes out over the next few days," Senator Clinton said, as ever seeing which way the wind will blow, before committing herself.

I think this is one area where Hillary and (Spitzer) will want the advice of Bill Clinton (probably, ''deny, deny'..don't give away any 'lay-ups') but it is safe to say that though Spitzer may be able to buy expensive sex but he doesn't have enough money to buy back his reputation.

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steve, i hate to break it to you, but sex scandals have never been monopolized by any particular party. it's an equal opportunnity vice among politicians. if you want a list or prominent democrats who've had "issues" you could start with Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart, and JFK. And those are just the well known presidential candidates or presidents from the other side of the isle.

Lee Ward:

Ah yes, Eliot Spitzer -- another "Man of Change" who proves out to be phony.

Gee, I'm suprised. Some politicians will promise anything to get elected.

Let's see, has Obama answered any questions about Rezko lately? Nope.


It is in fact the American people who monopolize sex-scandals. The Politicians merely have sex. There is a gap.

Steve Crickmore:

Spitzer seemed to go out of his way to bust prostitution rings and made it a point of his Governor campaign that he would never do anything illegal..Apparently he used call-girls when he was state Attorney-General. Now he has suddenly discovered that he was not maintainig the high standards he promised his family and the public..I wonder when was the first time conjured up that brilliant bit of self-knowledge. What did Bill Clinton say "I did it because I could get way with it"....He had no moral problems with doing it or lying about it. Spitzer seems to be of the same mold.


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