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Is Obama Building a Religion?

An interesting pop culture riff on Barack Obama's popularity and the messianic message behind the man's run for President.

Lyrics below the fold:

Cake - Building A Religion lyrics

We are building a religion,
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors and adding more lanes
We are building a religion.
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers for these pendant key chains
To resist it is useless,
It is useless to resist it
His cigarette is burning but it never seems to ash
He is grooming his poodle
He is living comfort eagle
You can meet at his location but you'd better come with cash

Now his hat is on backwards. He can show you his tattoos
He is in the music business he is calling you "DUDE!"

Now today is tomorrow and tomorrow's today
And yesterday is weaving in and out
And the fluffy white lines that the airplane leaves behind
Are drifting right in front of the waning of the moon

He is handling the money. He's serving the food
He knows about your party. He is calling you "DUDE!"

Now, do you believe in the one big sign?
The double wide shine on the boot hills of your prime
Doesn't matter if you're skinny. Doesn't matter if you're fat.
You can dress up like a sultan in your onion-head hat

We are building a religion. We are making a brand
We're the only ones to turn to when your castles turn to sand
Take a bit of this apple, Mr. Corporate Events
Take a walk through the jungle of cardboard shanties and tents
Some people drink Pepsi. Some people drink Coke. (coke)
The wacky morning d.j. says democracy's a joke.

He says now, "Do you believe in the one big song?"
He's now accepting callers who would like to sing along
He says, "Do you believe in the one true edge?"
By fastening your safety belts and stepping towards the ledge

He is handling the money. He is serving the food.
He is now accepting callers. He is calling me "DUDE!"

Do you believe in the one big sign?
The double wide shine on the boot hills of your prime.
There's no need to ask directions if you ever lose your mind
We're behind you. We're behind you.
And let us please remind you
We can send a car to find you
If you ever lose your way

We are building a religion...
We are building it bigger...
We are building............... a religion.......
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers for these beautiful pendant key chains

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Thanks for posting that. Obama's campaign is building a cult of personality. Clinton has been trying to steer the msm and voters to focusing on the differences in platforms ( there are marked differences ) and an honest examination of the issues as they relate to each candidates experience. He has criticized her vote for the war, implying that he was against it, when this is irrelevant as he was'nt in a position to make that decision. He was'nt in the Fed. Senate but has suessfully exploited the confusion of voters because Illinois calls it's state reps. senators. Since he has been in the Fed. Senate he has voted straight down the line with the other dems, for continuing the war and funding it. Bush lied and most of the country fell for it. Obama presents himself as a new politician, but uses whatever tactic he can to shift attention away from the issues and toward the cult of him. He uses the race card to deflect criticism. He uses the churches to promote a promise of creating a kingdom of god on earth. The web site messiah watch gives visual and text references. I mean this is getting seriously scary. The democratic party in Texas is giving up on counting the caucus votes and ceding the win to Obama with 40% of the precincts reporting. Since when did 40% become a majority? The DNC probably won't solve Florida or Michigan and will give it to him even if Clinton wins Pennsylvania. Obama will play the race card at McCain at any chance. Clinton is accused of unbridled ambition, but what can anyone call the use of these tactics. Voters need to wake up. Bush has paved the way for facism in America and it won't take much to push us into it. All we need is to continue the phony crusade, a crumbling economy, increased nationalism with a military garnish and scapegoats, and Presto! Fascism in America. I think if Obama gets the nomination, McCain will win. Obama will temporarily retreat to continue buliding his new party coalition. The phony messiah is here to stay. This band gets it and has made a brilliant
anti statement, but most of Obama's followers will probably see it as an anthem. Orwell is chuckling right now.


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