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Ex-Governor Spitzer's Baffling Hubris

The more one looks into the Spitzer case the more one is mystified that only a crime crusading but arrogant Governor could be so foolish. To use the name of a friend of your's, without asking, to check into the Mayflower hotel, with your friend's name as your alias, your nom de guerre, is pretty disgraceful in itself, but it sems part of a political culture where politicians easily abdicate taking any personal responsibility for their own actions.

George Fox, a hedge-fund manager and longtime friend of the governor, sent a letter to clients of his Titan Advisors firm saying that Spitzer had "personally apologized" to him for using the name "George Fox" to check into the Mayflower last month for a sexual liaison with a call girl named "Kristen."

It seems that in addition, to quote John Milton's line' 'all his passion was spent', stacks and stacks of money, up to eighty thousand dollars in the course of 6 years was spent on the 'Kristens' by ex -state Attorney-General soon to be ex- governor (see up-date)..So far it doesn't seem the taxpayer was hurt, unlike Giuliani's 'shag fund', but as Spitzer continued to go through all the shadowy financial delivery hassles surely he must have known the risks he was taking. Didn't he wonder whether something very illicit was going on and whether it was worth it, in more ways than one? Spitzer must have had an inkling he was playing russuan roulette with his political career and the careers of others', when he gave this speech last summer on..

The Need for Both Passion and Humility in Politics." Taking as his guide the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Spitzer expounded on the dangers of hubris. His particular focus was foreign policy, but Spitzer's point was broader than that -- and prescient. "Driven by hubris," he said, "we become blind to our own fallibility and make terrible mistakes."

No kidding! If only Spitizer could have spent or sublimated some of his passion and humility (possible humilation) on the people he pledged to represent, Spitzer may not be facing jail time for structuring his heavy payments to the Emperors Club VIP (didn't the name trigger anything) to shell companies.

Meanwhile, this will hurt the Democrats, especially those who still cling to all things Clinton, as Spitzer's case and endorsement of Hillary brings to mind the serial 'bimbo eruptions' of super surrogate Bill Clinton who suffered from the same tragic flaw of hubris that Reinhold Niebuhr and the Greeks spoke of.

Update: Spitzer will resign today at 11:30 am. It was obvious Spitzer had no choice, since his raison d'etre, his credibility about fighting crime and his promise not to do anything illegal, had been completely destroyed.

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This incident reminds me of the fall of Duke Cunningham a few years ago. Cunningham was a decorated combat veteran and a Naval officer with a very distinguished career. He was a man of integrity -- or so we thought. How does a man like Spitzer or Cunningham break the law in such a flagrant manner and continually delude themselves into believing that they will never be caught?

Steve Crickmore:

I don't think Eliot Spitzer quite falls into the category of Duke Cunningham.. The San Diego congressman was totally corrupt, from what I understand..I assume Spitzer felt though he was breaking the law, these were high class hookers hence he wasn't exploiting them or mistreating them so it was a victimless crime and hence it was o'kay for him.

I have come to the conclusion that selling one's body or using sex strictly as a commodity, except in rare occasions is pretty reprehensible ..In the what it's worth department in my previous incarnation when I was a night taxi driver I have literally met hundreds of prostitutes and johns and found with almost no exceptions, the prostitutes especially were extremely mercenary..It is strictly a job for them..For the men, most seemed to suffer from a loneliness that the intimacy of a prostitute, sometimes even without the sex, banished for a brief time.


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