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Iraq Mess Getting Worse Again

So far this week, 12 American soldiers have been killed in a new wave of renewed post-"Surge" violence in Iraq, as Al Qaeda and other extremist elements have found new cracks in the tightened security situation.

And unfortunately all of this is only about to be as expected. In Iraq, terrorist and radical Shiite and Sunni militia elements have always eventually found new ways to adapt to any new military tactics by the Americans or Iraqi security forces, and find new ways to attack with suicide bombings or other types of violence.

John McCain may have staked the entire future of his presidential ambitions on the platform that the "Surge" is working. But the history of the war since 2003 has always been that the radical elements in Iraq would always find some new way to eventually undermine any new security arrangements and continue the cycle of deadly violence. Nothing is easily solved in the Mid-East, ever.

Last month American deaths hit a low point of just 29. But with the renewed violence in Iraq this month as well as the 33% upswing in Iraqi civilian deaths in February, it is plain to see that any new security arrangements since the "Surge" have been compromised as the radicals have found new ways around this security to launch their deadly attacks and to plummet Iraq back into a terrible cycle of nearly uncontrolled violence once again. Further proof of the worsening cycle of violence comes from radicals sending the fingers of American hostages as proof of their crimes and the murders of more tribal leaders who oppose Al Qaeda in Sunni territory.

All of this renewed violence has yet to really catch up with the MSM. But especially the renewed violence against Americans will no doubt make Iraq a main front page and leading news story once again very soon, and will certainly put pressure on John McCain and other "Surge" supporters who were once again all too quick to want to declare "victory" once again in Iraq.

Just like Afghanistan, where the Taliban and Al Qaeda elements have renewed their cycle of violence there over the last few months, Iraq is beginning to follow the same deadly path where no military solution seems to completely solve the violence problem before the situation seems to worsen again as the radicals always seem to find some new holes in any new security arrangements.

Iraq is certainly going to be a major story in the news along with the economy at this rate by the November election and only remind the voters of the bitter Bush legacy and question whether they want to elect John McCain to continue the status quo. A status quo that is not certainly not working to say the least.

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