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Obama on Hannity and Colmes, March 14, 2008

Two items right up front. I didn't edit this clip - it's the only clip of last night's interview available right now on YouTube - and the inclusion of the news story clip depicting an African-American suspect preceding the Obama interview is clearly inflammatory, and typical of the right wing/ Fox News efforts to interject race as a wedge issue between Democrats. Not my choice, I have no other choice of clips available to me at the time of publication.

Second, it's no coincidence, I'm sure, that the pattern and tenor of the questioning in this interview, as conducted by Major Garrett of Fox News, is similar to the examination of a witness on the witness stand. The fact that Obama acquiesces and allows the interview to be conducted in this way is wholly un-presidential, and indicative of someone who feels powerless in this situation.

In this interview, Barack Obama is dripping with guilt, and is subjecting himself to this treatment because he's carrying a great degree of remorse, and is hoping for an absolution as an outcome of this catharsis. It's obvious from the very start of the interview.

We cannot have a President who subjugates himself in this manner. Having Barack Obama as President negotiate with the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be absolute suicide for this country. The man is an orator, not a negotiator, and when faced with 'opposition' he yields power quickly.

This interview shows that the groundwork is being laid by the GOP to skewer Obama on this issue (and other issues as yet to be uncovered), and the fact that Obama has known about this powder keg for months, and Obama did nothing prior to yesterday to defuse it, is absolute incomprehensible for a man in his position. Here we have him figuratively 'on the witness stand' trying to defend himself, and palced there by his own inaction and fear.

Third, Obama is lying about the fact that he wasn't aware of these statements prior to yesterday -- but note how careful Obama is in his lie.

At 3:02: "When I saw these statements, many of which I had heard for the first time, then I thought it was important to make a very clear and unequivocal statement. None of these statements were ones that I had heard personally in the pews."

Barack was careful in that passage to avoid stating that he wasn't aware that these statements had been made, or that he wasn't aware that these positions and views of Reverend Wright - stating instead that "he hadn't heard them personally." The fact is that this information has been known and out there for some time, and the extremist positions of Obama's church has been a powder keg waiting to explode. Yesterday, it below up in the Democrats face, thanks to Barack.

It's no coincidence that Reverend Wright retired last month -- the issues surrounding Wright's views have been known by the Obama camp for quite some time now, and the fact that Barack Obama went on national television and told a very carefully constructed lie in an attempt to convince the American public that he had no idea prior to yesterday that his nutty Uncle had said things like this is further evidence that he is unfit for the White House.

At 3:27: "The other statements were ones that I just heard about [gulp] while we were... when they started to be run on Fox and some of the other statements."

This man was lying when he made that statement. Watch for yourself from 3:27 - 3:37 in the interview. It's clear he's lying.

But Barack Obama is such a shape-shifting phony that even after the issue has exploded onto the front page, he still cannot face the music -- he has to continue his charade even further. This is another example of how Obama appears to me to be pathological in his approach to this race, and it renders him wholly unfit for the office of President.

Garrett at 4:10: "Sir, would you have quit the church had you heard them personally?"

Obama: "You know I...I...I... guess keep in mind, just to provide more context..."

Obama goes on at that point, at length - for a full minute and 15 seconds-- changing the subject in an attempt to avoid answering the question. In that 1:15 passage he does not answer the question.

This is the same behavior he used throughout the Democratic debates to avoid the issues. If you go back and watch the video replays of debate questions in the past months you'll see this same dishonest behavior repeatedly. This is not an honest person.

I'll have more to say in future posts.

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Comments (7)

Excellent post Lee. Except for the slam at MY news network :)

Look forward to your further comments on this subject.

Suffice it to be said that with the level of Wright's vehemence on the subject of the US the clips we have seen could not be construed as 'cherry-picking' or taking out of context.
If Obama has taken his family to this church for 20 years and consulted with Pastor Wright in private it is inconceivable that he never knew about Wright's radical leanings.
What disturbs me the most is the Obama follower's self-righteousness about Wright's ravings, that therein lies the truth and get used to it. Huh? How is this uniting Americans or bridging any kind of gap whatsoever?

Steve Crickmore:

In addition, on Thursday, there was this inflammatory blasphemous remark about one of the world's most important and 'republican' cities..

"Anyone who had the misfortune of watching it will know how hard it is to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan."

Was this person referring to Harare, Tehran? Babylon? No actually it was the nation's capital, Washington D.C. and who was this disrespectful 'anti-American' speaker who said this? Which one of the usual wizbang suspects... Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama or Michelle Obama... Pat Roberson perhaps?

Guess! To think anyone associated with this remark could be or have been involved in a campaign to be in the White House it is not surprising and shocking? Why would someone make such an insulting remark who has pledged to endorse a candidate to run for the White House hate America so much, to show such contempt for our national capital where the highest political office is.

As always, it depends who is doing the talking, and which side their supporters are on on?

Obama can't deny he knew of Wright's positions:


As Lee has stated clearly in both posts, Obama is flat out lying. The outrage is that he expects us to give him a pass on it. And his cult has become indignant that he isn't getting one.

I'm the one who posted this video and the inclusion of the news report beforehand ws totally accidental. I was exhausted Friday night and very upset by the whole Hannity & Colmes program. I either forgot I had too much footage or did a sloppy job of editing.

I'm a huge Obama fan and definitely not someone who does FNC's handiwork.

Obama even included a quote from a Wright sermon in his book, as an example of how Wright affected him . . . something to the effect of "white greed over the world's need," if memory serves. This is who Wright is. The clips are taken from a number of different sermons which were sold by the Church in DVD form - certainly they didn't regard the contents as anything atypical.

The problem for Obama is not with the primaries - it may cost him some votes in PA, but probably not many. This sort of stuff turns off the "swing voters" needed to win general elections, though.

The thing which perks my own ears up the most is the repeated "defense" that Wright "is retiring/has retired." So WHAT?

To me it sounds like the old kids' defense of, "I didn't do it - and I'll never do it again!"

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Ellen - I only meant to make clear that I hadn't intentionally left the previous news clip in, that the clip was prepared that way, and not my doing -- and that it was typical and I suspect entirely intentional that Fox News ran that particular story immediately preceding the Obama interview.

Jim - News reports a year ago, when Obama's problem with his association with Wright first surfaced, mentioned that Wright was planning to retire in May '08. The fact that he retired in February 08 instead is, I suspect, yet another sign that Obama was fully aware that this was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode in the face of Democrats.

For him to have put my party in that position is indicative of his ego-driven run, putting his own political interest above all else.

Imagine if this had hit the fan after Obama had secured the nomination instead of before... and Barack Obama was so driven in his quest to be Pres he would have let that happen, and possibly lost the election for the Democrats as a result.

Four years of Bush III in the White House -- all because Obama wants to be King.

And there are, I can assure you, more ticking time bombs -- in connection with Rezko -- in connection with Michelle Obama and her hatred of America, and in other areas.

And it is very clear that Obama will let those time bombs tick as he continues to be less than honest with Democratic voters.


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