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Consider a McCain Lieberman Ticket


I know the suggestion of a McCain Lieberman ticket will make some in the conservative and religious right factions of the GOP spew milk all over their computer screens as they read this, but I can't think of a more powerful way for the centrist McCain to steal back the Reagan Democrats.

It might prompt a third-party bid from a far-right candidate, and it might increase the number of GOP voters who choose 'none of the above' and just stay home one election day...

But it might be the best chance the GOP has to steal away moderate voters. Lieberman has already offered to speak at the Republican Convention in behalf of McCain.

The Reagan Democrats are the same white, working class Democratic voters who do not support Barack Obama now. If Obama secures the Democratic nomination, McCain Lieberman would be a very strong ticket to run against Obama, and quite possibly not alienate any more Republicans than have already been alienated by having McCain in the top spot.

Here's Lieberman, in the NYT back in December, 2007, on his decision to support and endorse McCain:

"Political party is important, but not more important than what you think is best for our country," he said.

He said he hoped his endorsement would help convince voters that Mr. McCain is capable of reaching across party lines and repairing a breach that has only deepened during the Bush years.

Asked if that was possible, given how deeply divided the country is over the war, Mr. Lieberman had harsh words for Democrats.

"The Democratic candidates seem to be in a time warp," he said, noting their refusal to acknowledge the recent gains in Iraq.

He also said he felt compelled to publicly endorse Mr. McCain because of their shared commitment to the environment and combating climate change.

Mr. Lieberman said he was planning on waiting until the primary was over, but when Mr. McCain called and asked for his support, he felt he had no other choice but to help his old friend out.

Update: McCain's daughter, the surprisingly authentic Meghan McCain, is a pop culturist who writes from and for the hip at McCainBlogette.com.

Update II: McCain, in a head-to-head match, wins over Obama -- while Clinton stays neck to neck with McCain.

John McCain has opened up a slight advantage over Barack Obama, 47% to 44% in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking of registered voters' preferences in the general election, while McCain and Hillary Clinton remained tied at 46% each.

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Comments (6)

Diane Herbert:

A McCain / Lieberman ticket is an answer to my prayers.Mr. Lieberman is truly a man of God, and this is what we need.I think Lieberman could pull in a lot of independent voters, and the working class democrats.


I'd go for it. Both put country over party - that's what I'm looking for.


"A McCain / Lieberman ticket is an answer to my prayers.Mr. Lieberman is truly a man of God...dh"

Holy Joe voted Nay to prohibit partial birth abortion. That's all Capt. Walnuts needs.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

So would the right-to-lifers stay home and pout, or pull the lever for McCain Leiberman anyway?

They'll hold their nose and pull the lever. Half of them believe he plans to be sworn in on the Koran... and they'll show up just to vote against him.

The only voters lost to the ticket would be those conservatives already borderline about McCain, but who could have been persuaded with a conservative Veep choice. I suspect their number would be fewer than those attracted to the bipartisan/post-partisan ticket . . . after all, Lieberman won over 50,000,000 votes for Veep in 2000, so he turns on more than he turns off.

The ticket is probably more fantasy than real possibility, but it would certainly be a strong one against either potential Democratic nominee.


Truly, that would be an excellent ticket. (Not as good as McCain/Thompson, but pretty good)


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