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It's the Economy, Obama

A canary named Bear Stearns died last Friday. Fasten your seat belts friends, we may soon find this economy is on a rocket to hell. People losing their homes in record numbers while Bush the Chimp smirked his way down the road towards retirement may have been the first canary to die in the mine, but the continuing credit crisis could make matters a lot worse, and across a broader cross-section of Americans.

It's the economy, stupid. It's real money and it's real people's lives strongly effected by it -- and it's not helped by many of our brightest minds in America graduating from college with tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal debt in student loans. What a way to start them off, in an economic hole.

Young adults who choose to enter the work force sooner and/or start a family will find it harder than ever to buy a house and make a home for their themselves and their families.

We've got quite an agenda ahead of us. It's time to move forward on S-CHIP, Reduced College Tuition, and most of all - Energy Independence - which will in turn lead us towards global peace. Halting Global Warming is 'The Prize' but reducing global tension over oil is a hell of a bonus. We've spent enough on war, it's time to invest in peace.

But social progress like this takes money, and a healthy economy.

We need someone in the White House who's been around long enough to know how to steer our economy through the minefield ahead.

Did Bush tank the economy on purpose, in order to spin the election a little tighter in the pocketbooks of Americans?

He's not that smart, remember? This is exactly the kind of bungling that got us into Iraq, and exactly the kind of bungling that will keep a Republican out of the White House if there's a viable alternative in November's elections.

That's our cue as Democrats to step up to the plate.

Obama doesn't get it. He'll see Bush's $600 bandaid and raise it to $1000, but those are just band-aids. We need to understand what Barack will do, not just how he'll do it. Good luck on that count.

"Now I don't want to take too much time..." is Barack's excuse for ending his answer without any actual actions steps. All he does is throw out applause lines anyway. In the end all he offers is that he'll seek a consensus. Woo-hoo. He's a good hostess, I'm sure. Pass the cookies, Obambi.

Clinton offers specific steps, specific solutions. Action. Results.

Obama talks about how he'll do it instead of what he'll do! Clinton has the experience, and the specific plan. She tells us what she'd do immediately. They finally have to cut her short to get to the next question (giving Clinton 20 seconds less than they gave Obama by cutting her off).

The GOP solution to economic problems is to wage war -- and count on increased military spending to lift the economy. It's time to wage peace instead. We need to invest in our futures. We need solutions. We need Clinton.


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Comments (3)

John S:

So the candidate, and incompetent manager, that pissed through $100 million only to lose Iowa, is going to solve the worst financial panic since 1909? Keep dreaming. We'll be lucky if we're not in a horse-drawn barter economy by election day. And as for global warming, my guess most people grubbing for their next meal won't care if the Greenland icecap may or may not melt in the next 5,000 years.

Unfortunately, the Clintons are very much part of the problem. Remember Bill's dot-bomb bubble? They are completely owned by Wall Street PAC money. They certainly won't take the necessary step of abolishing the unelected and unaccountable Fed before it prints another $3 trillion of debt bailing out Wall Street speculators.


Unelected and unaccountable? Seems to me we haven't had much 'accountability' out of elected officials who can control a massive amount of money... So I'm supposed to feel comfortable letting the Beltway Bandits get their grubby mitts on both the economy AND health care?

(When I watch what's going on in the campaigns, I feel a cold shudder at the idea. Anyone else think that giving the keys to the vault to inept money managers like Obi and Hil is simply asking for trouble?)

But they'll get it right THIS time! Yah, sure, you betcha!

Hillary's plans, if I read between all the lines correctly, is to throw money at the problem. I guess her throwing money is different than Bush throwing money or McCain throwing money or Obama throwing money. And it's not precisely clear to me where that money's supposed to come from. Of course, if she raises taxes that'll... um, stagnate the economy and likely cause a recession.

Whoops. Well, the good side of that is that more people will be dependent on the government - and when you get them by the 'nads, they'll vote as you tell them or they'll lose their little stipends... Hil works this right, and she'll be Queen For Life.

Steve Crickmore:

Hillary won't have to go far for advice on how the Feds can continue to help bailing out the hedge-fund firms..Bear and Stearns executives contributed heavily to Hillary's campaign 150,000 five times what they gave Obama and McCain..John Edwards 'the other America' candiate is a multi ex-hedge-fund manager and then there are Clinton's only family super surrogates. No post graduate pathetic community organizing for the Clinton family. Wall Street hedge-funds, with little government regulation, is or was the place where you could really big money and the only people who eventually get hurts are the taxpayers (its only hundreds of billions on the national debt)and the little investor and shareholder when the proverbial sh..hits the fan, because much of your product are repackaged bad debts, which you can sell as investment opportunities, like a Ponzi scheme.


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