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Obama Says McCain and Clinton Ready to be Commander in Chief

Really. Barack Obama says so:

Answering questions from reporters, Obama said he believes Clinton is qualified to be commander-in-chief, just as he and McCain are.

Nice of him to confirm that McCain and Clinton are qualified to answer the red phone at 3am. Of course he also includes himself in that esteemed "ready-to-serve from day one" group, but the evidence isn't there to back up that claim.

Look at the way Obama let the Reverend Wright situation fester and boil until finally, with heavy stirring by Fox News, the story boiled over onto the front page, making Obama and his mentor the quite Reverend Wright into front page news for days now, and it could stretch into weeks as Wright's sermons are poured over and the videos are scrutinized frame by frame for signs of Barack and Michelle in the pews.

Ignore the damage to Obama's campaign for the moment, and think about the degree to which it hurts Democrats and African-Americans in general by having this explode onto the news in this way. It demonstrates how poorly Obama anticipates and prevents problems -- hardly "Commander in Chief" material if you ask me. He's known of the "Wright problem" for many months, and yet he did nothing to defuse it.

Not to worry - whatever Barack tells us today about Clinton and McCain's qualifications to serve he'll change in the weeks ahead, just like his revelation late last week (Barack always breaks bad news on Friday, have you noticed?) that his pal the indicted slime Tony Rezko actually gave Obama's various campaigns $250,000, which was of course $100,000 more than the amount Obama told the press a few months ago. Back in November, 2006 Obama claimed the amount was only around $50,000, so it's increased 400%.

Nice way to avoid public and press scrutiny, Obambi -- just lie to them and don't tell the truth until after you score lots of delegates.

So Obama will change his tune any day on this issue, just like the others. Just watch...

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