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Race and the Obama Voters

Once again Barack Obama reached down deep and delivered a good speech. Do you think he's learned his lesson and not used plagiarized passages? Who knows, who has the time to pour over everything Barack says to figure out where he stole it from?

It was a speech about race, and a speech about bringing the nation together. We know that's a goal of Obama's, so let's take a look and see how well he's been able to actually deliver more than speeches on the subject.

A Gallup poll released today shows the racial breakdown of Obama voters. Dare I say it? If it weren't the huge support Obama enjoys among the African American population, Hillary Clinton would have the lead in delegates instead of Obama (click on the graph to see an enlarged view)


Every African American vote counts just as much as every Hispanic and non-Hispanic White vote, and I'm not suggesting for a second that Obama isn't the legitimate front-runner at the moment.

Nor am I suggesting that we should not have a President who is the darling of African Americans more so than the rest of the voters. How many years did "White America" decide who our president should be? Why not let "Black America" decide on this round? I'm game.

But this voting pattern brings three important items to mind, matters which speak to Obama's integrity, and to his ability to deliver on his promises.

1. Geraldine Ferraro was right. Were it not for Barack's race he would not be where he is today. It's silly to pretend that isn't true -- but playing the wounded card is one of the Obama campaign's best tricks, so let me hang my head in shame for stating an obvious fact.

And the fact that Barack Obama plays the race card when an obvious fact is spoken shows his lack of integrity. Here he has the audacity to suggest that he's somehow wounded by the observation instead of acknowledging it and addressing why it's happening and suggesting what should be done to overcome the growing racial divide created by his candidacy. Instead, Obama attacks the messenger.

2. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is wrong. Failing to say that outright and condemn Wright's racist remarks speaks to Obama's inability to transcend racial divisions when it might cost him a few points in the poll.

In yesterday's speech we see Barack, ever the artful dodger, thread his way through the racial divide in America today by side-stepping the truth simply because he might anger the strong African American bloc that has gotten him to where he is today. Where's the change you keep promising, Barack? You're welcome to start modeling it anytime now.

3. Barack has failed to unite the Democratic Party and bridge the racial divide -- in fact the racial divide he's created is currently tearing the Democratic Party apart thanks to Obama's inept handling of the ticking time bomb he's had in his back pocket for the last year... by the name of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

If he can't unite Democrats, who by and large are sympatico and cut from similar if not the same idealogical cloth, why on earth should we believe Obama can unite the nation, much less forge peace in the middle east? Given his recent track record -- he hasn't a prayer of delivering on any of those promises -- not a prayer.

So here we are -- treated to another moving speech. I'm sure my pal Steve Crickmore got all weepy over Barack's flowery prose -- some of which may have actually been his own!

But in the end it's just words, and when you measure the truth behind the words we find the reality does not match the hope, and although Obama talks about change he's failed to actually deliver any so far. Quite the opposite. Instead, Democrats attack Democrats over simple, true facts.

Where's the hope in that? And yes, it matters, it matters a great deal. Obama's gained some of his most ardent followers from the perception that he is a true world peace-keeper. They base this on his promise to be great facilitator -- the one who brings waring parties together and forges a lasting peace in the middle-east.

Now if you aren't afraid to talk politics with coworkers and friends and you're a Democratic supporter of Hillary Clinton you've no doubt felt the heat from a ObamaManiac or two at your job or from among a circle of friends. Have you noticed the glazed look in their eyes as the speak of the new Messiah? Have you noticed the disdain with which they speak of Clinton? I'm expecting one friend of mine to just up and spit after saying the "C' word any day now.

These Obama drones actually believe Barack Obama can drop in on world leaders and "bridge a divide."

Let me be the first to say it. It's Barack Hussein Obama's middle name that makes people excited and believing in Obama as someone who can cross new boundaries.

His middle name. Not his unproven abilities, and not his non-existent "bridge building" track record. His middle name. Because it's a Muslim name.

And that's a sizeable amount of Obama's support, this faction that actually sees him as the messiah here to solve the world's ills. It's almost a religious experience for them.

So if my friend is ready to spit at the mention of Hillary's name -- how's Obama doing so far?

Why isn't he forging a peace within the Democratic Party right now?

Why isn't he solving the problem right here on front of us? Today.

Fix the racial and political divide inside of the Democratic Party, Barack. Show us what you can do and I'm sure that enough Clinton supporters like myself will get behind you to push Clinton off the map.

Do it and you'll deserve to be the President of the United States based on what you've done, instead of what you've promised to do.

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So Lee, you're not only a poor writer, but you are also a poor loser. Clinton's going dooooowwwwwwnnnnnn. But then again, between her and Obamessiah's smear campaigns, the Democratic party is simply devouring itself and GIVING the Republicans the Presidency.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, you maybe right Jess. We Dems may end up doing ourselves in. We'll see.


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