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New Gallup Poll: Clinton 49% - Obama 42%

Barack Obama's popularity is plummeting. In just seven days he's gone from 50% to 42%, and Clinton has risen from 44% to 49%, giving Clinton a 7 percentage point lead in a poll with a 3 point margin of error.

Obama's campaign has been plagued by controversial remarks made by his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama delivered a major speech on race Tuesday to try to move beyond the controversy. The initial indications are that the speech has not halted Clinton's gaining momentum, as she led by a similar margin in Tuesday night's polling as compared to Monday night's polling.

Obama's buffoonery has helped the Republicans' chances in November's election significantly.

John McCain may be benefiting in the short-term from the highly charged Democratic race. He holds a statistically significant lead over Obama, 47% to 43%, in registered voters' preferences for the general presidential election. That is the first time any of the candidates has held a statistically significant lead since Gallup Poll Daily tracking began reporting on the general election race last week. McCain's 48% to 45% advantage over Clinton is not statistically significant, but it is the first time he has had an edge over her in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

Democrats cannot afford to have Barack Obama as our nominee unless he can demonstrate an ability to win back the voters he's lost in the last week -- regardless of the number of delegates he has now or at the end of the primaries.

He can't ignore the Wright iceberg for a year, then damage the Democratic Party's chances in the national election because of that willful ineptitude, and still walk away with the Democratic nomination.

THAT is what the superdelegates are there to do - to stop the presumptive nominee when his chance of winning in the national election are less than his Democratic opponent's chances.

And Clinton's only trailing Obama by a small percentage, and she's shown strength in the swing states. It's not as if she's a distant second -- she's right there in the running and fighting all the way -- fighting Obama over Florida and Michigan for example, where the Obama camp is still attempting to disenfranchise those voters by preventing a redo of the primary.

Democrats haven't waited 8 years to blow it now by giving the nomination to Obama - he no doubt has many more ticking time bombs he's choosing to ignore, and he's doing more harm than good with regards to national unity.

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Comments (3)

Christian Prophet:

The purpose of Barack Obama's speech on race was to distract attention. He would be in serious trouble if a spotlight was shined on the non-racial aspects of his THEOLOGY. See:

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Glad to hear it's getting to you. Stop by and whine anytime, Larkin.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I'll take that as the voice of experience talking - thanks.


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