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Obama's Race Speech: A Bridge Too Short

CBS News:

Aside from the fact that the press is finally noticing Obambi's "deer in the headlights" stance as he happily threw his grandmother under the bus -- all the while staring at the teleprompter -- the press seems less than impressed with Obama's great speech.

Here' a surprise though... Black Leaders adored it.

Other reaction - here's what Obama's political opponents are saying.

The Republican reviews of Obama's race speech are in...and they are good...for John McCain.

Jonathan Martin of the Politico surveyed three famous Republican knife-fighters out there.

1) "For the first time, some Republicans are rethinking Hillary as their first choice," GOP media consultant Alex Castellanos tells the Politico. Republicans have an easy way to paint Obama as lacking patriotism, says the man behind Jesse Helms' "hands" ad, not to mention DemocRATS. "All the sudden you've got two dots and two dots make a line. You start getting some sense of who he is and it's not the Obama you thought - he's not the Tiger Woods of politics."

2) "It was a speech written to mau-mau the New York Times editorial board, the network production people and the media into submission. Beautifully calibrated but deeply dishonest," said GOP media consultant Rick Wilson, whose work includes the 2002 TV ad against then-Sen. Max Cleland featuring images of Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. "Not good enough. He wants the authentic black image but he also wants to keep all his safe, suburban Obamacans in line. Well, you can't have both - they're mutually exclusive. This is a guy who associates with some real haters."

3) "It's harder for people to say it's taken out of context because these are Wright's own words," said GOP strategist Chris LaCivita of Swift Boats Vets and POWs for Truth.

"You let people draw their own conclusions. You don't have to say that he's unpatriotic, you don't question his patriotism. Because I guaran-damn-tee you that with that footage you don't have to say it."

"This is far and away the most damaging issue of the campaign for him, and his wonderful speech did nothing to make it go away," GOP pollster Whit Ayres told Newsday. "The problem is the contradiction between the fundamental message of the Obama campaign about bringing America together and Wright's hate-filled, divisive message."

"I think it's an obligation of any opponent to use this issue, to make Reverend Wright a centerpiece of the campaign," Rep. Peter King, R-NY, also told Newsday. "His speech was disappointing and shameful...This goes to the heart of who Barack Obama is. He's trying to say he represents the 21st-century view on race and here he's sticking up for this guy."

And conservative talk-radio king Rush Limbaugh had much to say on the subject.

"Do they really want the presidential campaign to be about race, because Barack Obama has made it now about race," Limbaugh said. "He has essentially, in not disavowing and distancing himself from Jeremiah Wright, who, by the way, I think the correct way to understand Jeremiah Wright, and the way people are reacting to him is not in a racial manner. This is a man who hates the country. Jeremiah Wright is a hatemonger. He hates America. It is patently obvious."

More at the link above. The GOP will roast Obama if he's the Democratic nominee, and clearly Obama is not equipped to deal with crises of this magnitude.

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Comments (4)

As a conservative, I have spent hours discussing this topic with like minded friends and associates.

Many movement conservatives were none to pleased with the early Romney exit because we believed he could beat Hillary in the general election. Obviously, that moment has passed. Left with McCain, a feeling of inevitability ( defeat) briefly pervaded discussions.

Discussions with Republican insiders indicated that Hillary could be defeated (very high negatives) but that if Obama was the candidate the problem would become much more acute: extremely high Democrat turnout would carry many traditionally contested states.

In the past week or so all of that thinking has been turned upside down. Many Republicans are now thinking that Obama might be the candidate of choice to oppose. Polls seem to be moving that way also.

The press unfortunately played up the Rev. Wright affair into a major issue, while giving little equal time to the extremist religious supporters of John McCain such as Rev. John Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, who is a defrocked Assemblies of God minister, who formed his own personality cult nondenominational right wing politics based church who actively supports a U.S. war with Iran and refers to Homosexuals as "degenerates" from the pulpit, as well as attacks Catholics and Islam. While sounding like a "family values" pastor, Hagee, like McCain is on his second marriage. Official divorce documents cite "infidelity" as the cause of the breakup of the first marriage for Rev. Hagee. And Hagee remains one of the highest paid televangelists of anyone.

McCain may claim not to support every position of some supporters like Hagee, with the possible exception of possible war with Iran. Compared to Rev. Wright's foolishness, this Iran war talk is really dangerous. McCain needs to be called on this.

Oh, come on! AFAIK, McCain visited Hagee's church one time. There were no reports of anything controversial said from the pulpit that day.

Obama, OTOH, calls Wright a close friend, mentor, and adviser, and has been a member, regular attendee, and financial supporter of the church for over 20 years.

Those who can't discern the oceans of difference between these cases are going to be in for a surprise.

Lee Ward:

"Those who can't discern the oceans of difference between these cases are going to be in for a surprise."

I don't include Paul in this following, but there is a large body of Demcorats who believe that no matter what Obama does and will do in the future, he's electable - and they base that decision on the fact that they see no value in McCain and Clinton, and will therefore vote for Obama no matter how dirty he gets.

John McCain is no match for Barack Obama. He is old and looks completely "worn out" from the vigorous campaigning.

Hillary Clinton is no match for Barack Obama. She now has bags under her eyes from pushing so hard on the campaign trail.

The frightening thing to me is that there is a group of Obama supporters who are basing their choice in part on analysis like this - the appearance of the candidate. It has nothing whatsoever to do with their suitability, Judy - really.

It harkens back to JFK, but that doesn't mean Obama is a JFK just because he's young and handsome.


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