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McCain Suspends Aide Who Pushed Anti-Obama Video

An interesting bit of news. I saw the video a few days ago, and it is even too atrocious for me to post -- so you can imagine how bad it is (wink).

Republican John McCain's campaign suspended a staffer who sent out a provocative video linking Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama to the comments of his spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The staffer, a low-level aide named Soren Dayton, sent out a link Thursday to the YouTube video, titled "Is Obama Wright?" on the social messaging Web site Twitter.

The campaign suspended him a few hours later, although it wouldn't say for how long.

[Originally this was posted under the headline "McCain Fires Aide Who Pushed Anti-Obama Video" and that was changed to reflect that the aide so far has only been suspended, not fired.]

Update: Interesting -- As I mentioned above, I'd viewed the video in question a few days ago - and the number of "hits" the video had received at that point was small, a few thousand.

Since the McCain/Suspension story broke the number of people accessing and viewing the video has skyrocketed - currently about 185,000.

So... McCain denounces the actions of Soren Dayton, which in turn accomplishes exactly what the Dayton wanted to accomplish - only even more so - because the national attention brought to the story bthrough MCCain's actions brought a lot more people to the video than the original email spamming done by Dayton ever could have hoped to do.

Not only that, but Dayton didn't even lose his job, he was just "suspended.'

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Who names their kid after Kierkegaard, anyway?

If McCain and Hillary are going to have to fire any aide or volunteer who offends Obama, they are doomed. Obama is so adept at taking offense, the others will have no staff left at all.


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