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Obama Campaign Selling 5 cent Postcards

You can just smell their desperation in this move.

Update and bumped: Obama's Week of Buffoonery in Review!

In their latest foray into immaturity, the Obama Campaign is now peddling this 1998 photo taken at a White House prayer breakfast showing Reverend Jeremiah Wright talking with then-President Bill Clinton.

[Click to enlarge]

Barack Obama wants to suggest as an equivalent comparison his 20 years of tithing to the racist preachings of Reverend Wright -- with Bill Clinton standing in the same room with Wright one morning 10 years ago at a White House prayer breakfast.

Time for another speech, Barack. Or keep grinding this organ if you want -- but get a monkey on a chain carrying tin cup so you at least achieve something productive. This is pathetic. It's dripping with desperation. It's conduct unbecoming an adult.

Source: The New York Times

Phil Singer, a Clinton campaign spokesman, said in an e-mail message, "In the course of his two terms in office, Bill Clinton met with, corresponded with and took pictures with literally tens of thousands of people."

Sheesh. It figures Obama would employ a scorched earth policy to the Democratic Party. He's never been concerned with putting a Democrat in the White House.

Our number one priority has always been for Democrats to finally rise up and stop the the Republicans in 2008, and take back the Oval Office for the people of the United States. Obama's number one priority is to get elected, and now McCain is gaining strength from Obama's fall.

On second thought -- no more speeches, Barack. Every time you actually come out and address an issue you dig the hole you're in that much deeper.

I just can't believe there are Democrats who still believe Obama has what it takes to defeat McCain. Obambi is a novice at this stuff, and the Republican lions will eat him alive.

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Barack Obama FEAR SMEAR?

Barack Obama
Ralph Nader
Ron Paul
Dennis Kucinich
Mike Gravel
DNC Hillary Clinton
RNC John McCain

Eyes wide open

Elroy Jetson:

You have it all wrong. Don't you understand? America NEEDS this collective diversity training.
More speeches! More debates. More press releases. More Chris Matthews emotional stupidity. More YouTube segments making Rev. Wright and other Democrat-supporting preachers look like hateful, conspiracy peddling idiots. Let it all hang out for the public to see. We shall be healed!
And in the end, we are going to elect an old white guy. A true American hero to boot. LOL until I have to go to the hospital.
Free at last, thank God almighty, we will be free at last of liberal idiocy.

Lee Ward:

This post went up at 1:21 AM ET.

13 minutes later the first Obamatron shows up, followed 16 minutes later by the second one.

These are Obama operatives who ping the search engines constantly in order to be the first to post comments on any posts critical of Obama.

More examples of the politics of change, and the huge divide Barack Obama is creating in our country in his obsession with becoming President at all costs.

The sad part is that America was sold a bill of goods -- Barack lied and claimed he was better than the rest. Clearly he's no different than the rest, just less experienced and -- as recent events have shown, he's spent the last 20 years being coached by one of the world's best hatemongers.

His hatred of America and Americans who don't agree with him runs deep - his opposition to the primary do overs in Michigan and Florida are clear examples. Those are two states that favor Clinton over Obama, so in the ObamaWolrldView their votes shouldn't count.

American votes shouldn't be counted in those two states because the majority of voters in those states don't agree with Obama.

Think about the implications of having a President of the United States who works that hard to restrict the voting rights of Americans who don't agree with him...

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

When will you learn how to read? Show me where I said it's a "conspiracy".

I check the server logs and can see where these people find our link - and it's technorati and "google blog" searches for "Barack Obama" that lead these Obamatrons to this site and this post, and then they leave comments like the above.

So, although it is exactly what I've described, Obamatronic surrogates pinging the search engines to find articles critical of Obamabi, I hardly think it's a conspiracy.

It's just desperate Americans determined to have their candidate succeed at all costs -- kind of like Barack's desperation to trash and burn the Democratic Party's chances in the November election in his pathetic attempt to gain the nomination.

Obama sat on the Reverrend Wright time bomb hoping it wouldn't be brought to light, and was perfectly content to let that fester - and what if the controversy had surfaced just one week prior to he November election?

Obama didn't care - he wants to be King.

Check out the comment threads of New York Times and Washington Post articles. You'll see the same thing - Obamatrons posting comment after comment mere minutes after the article has been published.

Dang. I tried that with Ron Paul, but my blog's so far under the radar that the Paulites got lost looking for it...

I don't think the first guy is an Obamabot, judging by his post and site. He's some other brand of nut.

There is a strange parallel between the impassioned supporters of Obama and those of Ron Paul, though, despite the two men being far apart in philosophy (even though they both oppose the Iraq War, they arrive at their positions from completely different world views).

Both use very vague and general rhetorical terms which elicit favorable responses when uncritically received. And both command large numbers of personally committed followers who take upon themselves such volunteer efforts as responding to negative blog posts about their guy. Both developed a cult of personality which went far beyond policy.

There are differences, of course. For instance, I don't believe Paul's folks ever threatened violence if they lost.

Steve Crickmore:

Jim, ever thought you might be under the 'cult of Clinton personality. Sounds like you would would have been just as teary-eyed as Bill at his 'Salvation Breakfast'. The difference between the two men is that however, after hearing Bill Clinton speak, you think he could do anything-"a turning point on the road to his salvation"..sure after hearing Obama, you feel you could do anything. It's a big diference which many fail to understand.


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