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Obama Lies on The View About Wright

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mayor Michael Nutter said that if he was Obama he would have left Reverend Wright's church a long time ago, leaving behind the nutcase Reverend Jeremiah Wright's fiery and controversial sermons.

"I think there's no room for hate, and I could not sit and tolerate that kind of language, and especially over a very long period of time," said Philadelphia's newly elected mayor, Michael Nutter, in an interview with ABC News' David Muir.

"If I were in my own church and heard my pastor saying some of those kinds of things," he added, "we'd have a conversation about what's going on here, what is this all about, and then I would have to make my own personal decision about whether or not to be associated or affiliated."

Asked by Muir if he would he have quit Obama's church, Nutter said, "Absolutely."

To this day, Barack Obama continues to lie to the American people about what he knew and when he knew it, as he continues to try to make excuses for staying and supporting Wright's hate-filled diatribes. Just yesterday, on ABC's "The View" Obama said the following:

Barack Obama says his controversial former pastor was stuck in a "time warp" and suggests he would have left his Chicago church had Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. not retired. [...]

Asked what he'd do if the reverend had stayed on, Obama told "The View": "Had the reverend not retired, and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I believe is the greatness of this country, for all its flaws, then I wouldn't have felt comfortable staying at the church.[...]

Obama reiterated that he never personally heard Wright's most controversial sermons.

Note the careful parsing of yet another Obama lie. Obama claims he didn't personally hear those sermons, and maybe that's true, but nonetheless Obama was well aware of the controversial sermons, and now chooses to lie about it. Over a year ago, in March, 2007, Obama took action precisely because of Wright's controversial positions.

"Fifteen minutes before Shabbos I get a call from Barack," Wright told the Times. "One of his members had talked him into uninviting me."

In a phone call with Wright, Obama cited a Rolling Stone story, "The Radical Roots of Barack Obama," (the name of which has curiously been changed on the RS website) and told him, according to Wright, "You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we've decided is that it's best for you not to be out there in public."

And yet just yesterday Barack Obama lies on national television, and no one in the press calls him on it. Obama knew over a year ago and he didn't quit the church, but now he tells us he would have quit had he known. He knew a year before Wright retired!

And, as this writer from the The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California writes, the truth is slowly catching up with Mighty Mouth:

In the end it was not the lies about his religion, but the truth about his religion that may have irrevocably splattered the image of Barack Obama.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Obama survived a malicious viral email campaign lying that he was a Muslim. But can Obama's populist candidacy survive the revelations about his 20-year relationship with spiritual adviser Jeremiah A. Wright, the "black separatist" Christian pastor?

The two men were tight -- very tight.

It was Wright's charismatic, in-your-face African American activism that first brought Obama into the Trinity Church as a practicing Christian and regular attendee. While away at Harvard studying law, Obama morally tutored himself with tapes of Wright's fiery lectures.

Wright was a moving force in Obama's family as well. Wright married Obama and his wife, and baptized their two children. The pastor's provocative sermon "The Audacity of Hope" gave Obama the title for his bestselling book. Obama even huddled with his pastor for spiritual guidance just before announcing his presidential bid. Wright was given a prominent advisory role in the campaign, which he has abdicated in the wake of media attention. The pastor is precisely the mentor and close personal adviser Obama has long declared him to be.

And yet Obama lied about this as well yesterday on "the View", disputing what he called an overstated notion that Wright was his "spiritual adviser" or "mentor."

Mighty Mouth, the Man of Steal, continues to try to steal the Democratic nomination, and his lies are becoming more bold every day.

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Comments (13)

Karen Montoya:

Finally! Obama wants to have it both ways. But, who is he? He never tells us, rather, he gives speeches, like the one he gave in response to the criticism of his Reverend, which turn the responsibility back on the people leaving them to question their own values, not Obama's. He is very clever in that. Do I think he can run this country? Not a chance! Obama is more of a "politician" than Hillary, he is just more clever in disguising it.


Even more bold than the lies of Hillary Clinton? Surely not!

Much worse and much bolder. If you care about the future of the Democratic party, consider this:


Obama suppoters are literally giving Republicans the advantage. As a conservative, it's amazing to watch such an abrogation of power and influence.

Here is some reference for you. When "core conservatves" started to find their political voice in the late fifties and early sixties, they had to rid their party of the fringe nuts such as the Birchers. Conservatives had an intellectual leader then that led the movement and he, Bill Buckley, thoroughly rebuked the nut wing (which also included Ayn Rand).

There is no counter part in the Obama movement that has the intellectual honesty to steer the party away from the abyss. The Wright "problem" will doom the Obama campaign and bring down the party with it.

Steve Crickmore:

HughS (surely, unless you believe in the literal Rapture...I hope you aren' driving your car when it happens) don't you consider Pat Roberson and John Hagee, either one more of a relgious nut than Reverend Wright. GOP politicians like McCain still seek their endorsement( Hagee, the caling the Catholic Churdh the great whore Church -his sermon is pretty strong stuff was on McCain's site standing along side McCain just two weeks ago)and Bush asked for pastoral advice and a blessing from Robertson-they got down on the floor and prayed together- a few weeks before the Iraq invasion and Bush said there would be no casualties, according to Robertson.

If I do believe in the Rapture, what difference does it make if I'm driving my car :) I might as well be piloting the shuttle. I'll be there one minute, and the next...now, as for my passengers, there might be a problem.

Here's the crux of the matter. First, Pat Robertson offends my faith and I don't believe anything he says George Bush told him. Period. I don't think Robertson has much of any spiritual influence over Bush. Now, that is not to say that certain prominent Christians do not deeply influence Bush. I'll name some: James Dobson, Billy Graham, Max Lucado. These guys can get the president's ear.

As to Hagee, I don't know much about him but I did hear McCain publicly repudiate him on Bill Bennett's morning show when confronted with the Great Whore comment. I think McCain enjoyed the support of a big church leader but quickly distanced himself when he heard some of the radioactive comments the guy has made.

Having said that, this is what distinguishes the relationship that Obama had with Wright from your examples. Bush didn't publicly and prominently worship in Robertson's church for twenty years. McCain didn't publicly and prominently worship in Hagee's church for twenty years.

Obama has long embraced Wright in a way wholly different than your examples of Robertson and Hagee. There is a huge disconnect between the McCain/Bush episodes and Obama's extended relationship with Wright.

Steve Crickmore:

Okay, HughS those are reasonable answers. I don't think people find fault particularly with Wright's theology -it was the three or four of his political statements which raised eyebrows..Here is the whole context of his 9/11 comments,(if you can endure them, it mitigates part of the Malcolm X line on the JFK assassination- "the Chickens.." which Wright was alluding to, not all of it, but Wright actually thought to distance himeself from the pattern of "violence begets violence". I don't feel Bush really did. "This provides us with a great opportunity", Bush's callous line a few hours after 9/11, which I find offensive, and which he repeated on three or four subsequent occasions. No one has ever answered that, probably because it is indefensible. Isn't that obviously really exploiting the tragedy, politically? Much of Wright's sermon has a great deal of sympathy with the victims of 9/11, as well he should...Background and a video of the minutes before and after the Malcolm X line and even the 35 minute version if any one cares to.

Hillary is a case in point of a general rule. Politicians are not in it for the betterment of the country. They are in it for themselves. I have little use for Barack Hussein Obama, but ya lost Hillary. Hit the road. Oh, by the way the corollary to the general rule is that every politician you can think us has already sold the nation out to foreign interests. Just look at what is going on in the country and ask yourself why no rational action is being taken. Energy policy is one of the most glaring examples. Why are we paying oil money to terrorists, dictators and people who hate us? We have all the domestic coal, oil, natural gas, and if we would just build them, nuclear reactors we need to become energy independent. So why don't the politicians clear the legal hurdles toward energy independence? They don't because big oil, big corporations and foreign interests have paid them to sit back and watch our economy and our country unravel. Your congress and senators don't work for you. If they did, they would not give your job to 20 million people who just invaded the country or lower your wages by letting 20 million people invade the country.


You make a good point on the entire context of Wright's sermon, but let's be honest with each other and agree that most voters will not consider context and fewer of them will make the connection with Malcolm X....the latter is too subtle given the short memories of many voters.

I just ran across this link at Instapundit and I believe it is a precursor of things to come. Do I agree with the entire ad? No. But it is the essence of political demagoguery that will define and shape the image of Obama that voters will see this fall if he wins the nomination. That's politics today. Note that the video in the link was made by MyDD.


As I have said before, my interest is vicarious. I'm simply amazed that veteran Democrats let the primaries come to this.

Steve Crickmore:

They probably will but..it may be old news by then..and perhaps some Dem spin doctor will string many of McCain's stumbling moments together and then air a tape *(if there is) when he called Washington "the city of Satan" linked with the 9/11 hyjacked plane flying in to the Pentagon. Yes I know, it is not as effective, but I think McCain is pretty suseptible to a lot other things.. How much of the Bush /Cheney record he going to try to defend Bush?...I know he must feel very aggrieved about Rove in South Carolina in 2000. Ask him point blank what he thinks of Rove? Obama was given a pretty good braoadside with the Wright clips of the sermons and he seems to have rebounded, more or less. Obama has refuted Wright and I think people recognize that and they are willing to move on. At least, he shouldn't have to deal with the more lethal bum rap that he is or was a Muslim, but you never know? I think the Democratic nomination will be over May 7th after the Indiania and North Carolina primaries. Hillary may simply be no longer able to afford to continue. She is way behind in paying her bills. I must go now..Take care til next time!


I'll make the following comments and await your reply.

You said,

"They probably will but..it may be old news by then"...this subject (9/11) will never be old news. That's one of the MANY reasons Wright is a problem. He touched a bipartisan nerve that is still very sensitive. And we haven't even discussed his crack cocaine conspiracy theories, which is scaring away white voters of any demographic.

As to Rove, nobody cares. Not even McCain. McCain will run on his record, not Bush's.

" Obama has refuted Wright and I think people recognize that and they are willing to move on."

They may be moving along, but not fast enough. There is a lot of rubber necking going on at the scene of this disaster. See this:


I personally don't think Hillary is going anywhere before the convention.

Steve, surely you read most of the posts and comments here at Wizbang. It takes a strange set of circumstances, so to speak, to get me and Lee Ward on the same page here. Lee is right on this issue. Obama will destroy the Democrat Party. The onion has only been peeled a few layers and many seasoned Democrats do not like what they see.


"If I do believe in the Rapture, what difference does it make if I'm driving my car :) I might as well be piloting the shuttle. I'll be there one minute, and the next...now, as for my passengers, there might be a problem."-hugh s

The Rapture doctrine is a heresy promulgated by Darby and Scofield from the McDonald family out of 1830s Scotland and latched onto by hamburger churches across modern America. It's utility is profitably pandering to lazy peoples' conceit that they (who are too lazy to read the Bible) are most assuredly "saved" because they sit in a pew for 45 minutes/wk. Also, no need to mention "hell" as a snare to the flock since the rapture doctrine requires no volition. It's goof off until one takes off. Everyone's a winner!

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day (Christ's second coming)shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition(anti-christ)"--2 Thessalonians 2:3

The "falling away" is from within the Christian community. "Falling away" is the only place a "rapture" event fits. Word!

Steve Crickmore:

I know Lee thinks Hillary is going to the convention..But many onlookers including Bill Clinton thinks she must win both Pennsylvania and Indiana to have any chance, no gimmes at this point, plus Dean and Pelosi are saying, the nomination will be decided by July First at the latest. In addition, in the gallup poll. there has been a 17 point swing to Obama in the last 12 days from 7 points down to 10 points up over Hillary.

Hugh, you are aware that the two biggest trillion dollar crisises that the US are facing are Iraq and Wall Street upheaval (not a few heated words by Wright in sermons years ago). McCain on Iraq we will be there another 100 years if that's what it takes, plus his economic guru/ his national chairman, his 'seasoned' Gramm was the one person other than Greenspan who could be reponsible for the big one? I really wouldn't like to be in McCain shoes and I don't think he really understands where Bush's foreign and economic policies have taken the country.

Steve Crickmore:

Here is the correct link to 'Is This the Big One?'


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