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Clinton Going Forward

TIME's Mark Halperin does a pretty good job of capsulizing Clinton's strategy going forward (on March 28, 2008).

What Halperin doesn't mention, but is a factor that's also keeping Clinton in the race, is that as the voter registration drive is showing us in Pennsylvania, keeping the remaining primaries contentious is drawing voters into the Democratic fold. They're engaged, and they're involved.

Declaring Obama 'King' will dampen the spirits of voters in the remaining states. We need to run every primary as if it counts and as it should be run up to the point we have a winner. The Democrats in the remaining states deserve the attention of both candidates, and both candidates need to listen to and engage the voters in these states.

The Obama camp's efforts to marginalize the Democrats in these states whose primaries lie ahead is a monumental joke. Who the fark is Barack Oabama to tell the people of Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, West Virginia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, and South Dakota that their opinions don't matter and their concerns don't count?

He's already marginalized Florida and Michigan Democrats, and now he wants to pull the same in all of those states listed above whose primaries are in the coming months. What a pompous....

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Halperin reappears after 10 years, this time in the guise of Hillary's journalistic sock puppet. The guy is suddenly everywhere with what appears to be verbal power of attorney for the Clinton campaign, intimating Shocking Details that can't be stovepiped via media In-Detail elsewhere...uh, yeah.

As for Clinton going forward: she should. And Obama should ignore her for McCain, but Obama is a somewhat over-rated campaigner, and too...nice. Ergo, Hillary should go forward.


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