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McCain's Schmoozing with the Press

Is the press too cozy with McCain? If you wonder why the press is so friendly to McCain, why they were prohibited from asking questions this March weekend at his ranch in Arizona? Is this appropriate behavior? Is this professional behavior from the press that is supposed to be scrutinizing McCain? Do they start relating to the candidate as a friend? Do they start refraining from answering McCain tough questions and reporting on his responses? Is this the reason they don't report on his violent temper, which flares up from time to time, which the public rarely sees or hears about (oh, that's just John being John). It seems to be, if you listen to Glenn Greenwald. Are the press failing to their constitutional duty to be the watchdog of a candidate, because they are intimidated by McCain and fear his wrath?

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Oh, the metrosexual media. Don't get me started. It's a Lifestyle, not a job. The cringing Politico Youth getting special plaudits for flower presentation is apt.

PS. I thought Mrs. McCain kicked the habit. She betrays signs of semi-invalidity or a social complex or both. I expect Daughter to be Hostess at any McCain WH.

Lee Ward:

"why they were prohibited from asking questions this March weekend at his ranch in Arizona?"

After watching the press fawn and drool over Obama for the last 6 months, it's kind of funny seeing an Obama supporter questioning the temerity of the press in this instance.

The guy wanted an 'off-duty' weekend, is I suspect the reason the press was asked to not ask questions and just enjoy themselves. I don't see any harm in it. Do you? Is there a big conspiracy theory evolving around this on the Obama sites? How silly.

Steve Crickmore:

Hey, I suppose one purely social weekend is not a hanging offence, but the one time when a reporter, Elizabeth Bumiller of the New Tork Times persistently sought the facts of his conversation with Kerry concerning Kerry's offer to be his running mate in 2004, the press who seem to cover up for McCain and in this instance, a CNN reporter tried to excuse the New York Times reporter (not McCain) that "she was very new and unlike most of us, the reporters ,whom McCain calls his "base", "have never reported incidents like this, because well, this is just McCain who hadn't had his morning cofeee " and she should have know better than to try and contradict McCain, when you are traveling with him. Listen to the Greenwald audio I linked to.

You don't feel the press who are travelling with him, are too cozy with him..Let's see him accept some liberal bloggers on the Straight Talk Express.

Anyway, when the campaign begins in earnest, let's hope there are a new batch of reporters, perhps some from the UK and not his 'friends', who cover him, who are willing write about all the inanities he keeps uttering that go unchallenged.


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