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It's 3 AM, and the Phone is Ringing Again


Here's the key line from the script of the 30-second spot, which is running statewide in Pennsylvania.

"John McCain just said the government shouldn't take any real action on the housing crisis, he'd let the phone keep ringing," the announcer says. "Hillary Clinton has a plan to protect our homes, create jobs."

The interesting thing, of course, is why the Clinton campaign, mired in a Democratic contest with Mr. Obama, is spending money to go after the presumptive Republican nominee. Could it be that the Clinton camp and the Obama camp have reached an understanding that further fire at each other will only damage the party? Is there a temporary cease-fire while they work out the status of delegates from Michigan and Florida?

In a relatively mild conference call with reporters, Clinton strategists focused on Mr. McCain. They seemed to overlook the contest with Mr. Obama and avoided taking their usual pot-shots at him. They said that the ad is meant to show that Mrs. Clinton is more prepared to improve the economy than Mr. McCain, which in turn bolsters her argument that she can win in November.

"We think Democratic primary voters will rally around her," Mark Penn, her top strategist and pollster, said.

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(Shakes head.)

Let's see. Raise taxes and promise wads'o'cash to folks who don't pay taxes now. Yeah, that'll help the economy.

Is it just me, or do they really not have anything new at all?

P. Bunyan:

"Hillary Clinton has a plan to protect our homes, create jobs."

In marxist societies the government creates jobs. I hope most Americans don't want that to happen here. I don't think they do.


Having government create jobs in the short run is one thing, like using a spray can of ether to get a balky motor running. But you can't run it on that, and if there's no gas from the private sector eventually the economy...

runs out of energy...

and just...


And you end up with a capital D Depression with all the trimmings - mass unemployment, economic collapse, foreclosure numbers that'll make the current 'crisis' look like a momentary blip. Then you'll have LOTS of folks dependent on the government for handouts. This is a good thing - because when you're paying for people's next meals, you've got a good hold on them when it comes to their votes.

(Or to paraphrase an old saying - "Get 'em by their stomachs, and their hearts and minds are sure to follow.")

We had a foretaste of that with ol' Jimmy. But who knows? Maybe THIS time they CAN skin the sheep and have the corpse keep growing wool.


Obviously the intent of going after McCain is meant to instill two thoughts in the PA Democratic electorate: 1) that Hillary is ready to take on McCain, and would be able to do so, and 2) that Obama is not.

Given Obama's recent pathetic stumbling over his Iraq policy, when he hemmed and hawed and tried to divert by repeating the claim, which he had to know was false, that McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years ("Did I misquote him?" Doh.), it's apparent he isn't up to the challenge, not even considering the baggage he brings to the race.

Sure, Hillary has baggage, too - but in the vernacular of the market when the bad news about a stock is already known, "the price has been discounted to reflect this."

Steve Crickmore:

baggage ..I would say a millstone around her neck..I'm still waiting for any of her supporters to say anywhere at any time to what they see in Hillary. She is fighter yes but for herself not for any causes I can see, beside healthcare. Lee constantly says she is the devil we know and you more or less the same. I think she is the devil we don't know, myself because she has been able to hide most her peccadiloes or worse? What is it in her record that is so successful? her sheperding the healthcare plan, her mangement of her campaign, the people she chooses to surround herself with: Sollis Doyle, James Carville, Madelaine Abright, Janet Reno, who was her pick her for AG.
Is it it her progresive issues credentials? She was in favor of the war in Iraq long after Kerry lost the 2004 election. She voted against the Senate banning of cluster bombs and land mines, she waffles on torture..I 'm not even talking about her 'charm', 'her integrity' her use of the 'n' word, her legendary 'arrogance'. Her approval rate is at 37% and I read that is for Democrats.


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