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John McCain. Glory in the Cause of War

I don't know about you but the heavy emphasis on the colors of black, red and yellow, which country did that put you in mind of? Did you have an inexplicable urge to invade Poland? Was it only missing a little Wagnerian music?

On the Vietnam war, which the video linked to, McCain said that "I would say [it was a] noble cause," he said. "I still believe that. But do I believe it was winnable? I am not sure."

Now he wants to have an occupying force in Iraq for "a hundred" or "ten thousand years", if necessary, even if it presumably may not be in a cause any more winnable than Vietnam was. Is he living in a fantasy world despite the nine trips he has made to Iraq. Is he utterly oblivious to the mess we are in?I s John McCain an unreconstructed neocon war hawk who has a cavalier attitude with the facts and demonizes anyone who disagrees with him?

Joshua Cohen of Boston University and Brink Lindsay of the Cato Institute discuss these points along with other subjects, in a very listenable bloggingheads tv dialogue, Has anything surged besides McCain's candidacy? and come to a surprising similar conclusion.

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The Bad German flags have been red-white-black: the 2nd Reich (1871-1918) and the 3rd Reich (1933-1945).

As for the republican black-red-gold flag: it represents to me: bar hopping at 16; drivers' license at 21. The United States of Analists would explode due to the bureaucratic incongruency!

*Do not remove label under penalty of LAW!_Uncle Sam(!!!)*

Very interesting 2nd link, BTW. A mini epic.

Re: 1st link: Did McCain's people have to employ the Lifetime Network's forensic rape documentary narrator for their campaign ad? Good gawd! *sniff*

3rd link: B. Lindsay: the endomorphic visage of anti-Ron Paul "libertarianism". If he had pretty daughters, I'd have a harem. And he would guard them. FOR me.

Paranoia works that way: if McCain's ad had featured a predominately baby-blue background, it would be seen as echoing Israel's flag or, as the fringe nuts would put it, the "symbol of the Zionist Entity perpetrating a Holocaust upon the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian People to kill all dem damn Joos." Perhaps I paraphrase . . .

Lee Ward:

"Now he wants to have an occupying force in Iraq for "a hundred" or "ten thousand years", if necessary, even if it presumably may not be in a cause any more winnable than Vietnam was."

Yet another attempt to reframe Obama's lie about what McCain meant and said regarding an occupying force in Iraq.

Steve Crickmore:


After the event ended, I asked McCain about his "hundred years" comment, and he reaffirmed the remark, excitedly declaring that U.S. troops could be in Iraq for "a thousand years" or "a million years," as far as he was concerned.

The greatest fantasy of McCain and most neocons is that they believe Iraq is like Germany or Europe. McCain is deluding himself if he thinks an American occupying force in the middle of Iraq is not inviting permanent confrontration..That is probably what al-Qaeda and right wing neocon hawks want anyway, a permanent war footing..Obama is describing John McCain's plan for Iraq situation very conservatively (only once or twice has he talked about a long war, most of the time he uses McCain's line of a having an occupying force in Iraq or a military presence for a hundred years, when McCain said a million years would be fine with him.

We pulled our troops out of Saudi Arabia after 9/11 and now it is McCain's bright idea to keep them in neigboring Iraq for another million years in a country which really hates, unlike Saudi Arabia...and a country which most Americans hate as well judging by the way America refuses to take on Iraqi refugees except for a bare minimum.

Lee Ward:

Nobody is disputing that McCain wants to keep a presence in Iraq as long as he thinks it's needed -- however framing it alongside that un-winnable Vietnam is disingenuous.

Now he wants to have an occupying force in Iraq for "a hundred" or "ten thousand years", if necessary, even if it presumably may not be in a cause any more winnable than Vietnam was.

The comparison to Vietnam doesn't fly, and these oblique deflections from the Obama camp aren't helping the Democratic cause. There is plenty of room to attack Republican positions head-on, and distorting GOP positions isn't productive.

Steve Crickmore:

Okay, I'll acccept that Lee. Your's is a good measured response but I don't think the war even in a kind of standoff situation is any more winnable than Vietnam as long as we are there,with the present configurations of the country.Yes, it is not really what McCain says, he is pretty careful with caveats about our presence in Iraq. "Let's make in 100". It is his unchanging world-view given this is Iraq plus five. I don't think it is worth arguing too much, because everyone realizes the next president will only be responsible for leading policies that will have repercussuions for the next decade or so. But we also know that McCain hasn't really toned his rhetoric down ever on Iraq...He seems even more determined than the administration to carry on the war. We know he will keep the war going for the next four years and Obama about 8 months, Hillary maybe a year and half. That's probably the reality of the situation, depending on one's definition of war. Hillary and McCain will leave a token or rump force and I hope Obama doesn't, but he might try and leave a 'strike force'.


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