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Another Nostalgia Video from John McCain for America's Honored Heroes

"I shall not lie, cheat, or steal and I shall turn in the student who does." That was the message that John, Sidney (better than the middle name of Hussein) McCain was trying to transmit, in the latest version of McCain harking back to a simpler, less ambivalent age...well for certain people.

It is interesting that McCain's spin doctors chose Ted Williams as the athlete to exemplify American heroes. I suppose it is a better choice than Roger Clemens would have been. Ted Williams was a war hero, but as one commenter says "a world class ass.ole", not unlike one or two of the candidates....fill in the blanks... See 'Ted Williams. Biography Of an American Hero' .

I've kind of noticed that McCain never has any non-whites in his videos. Wouldn't this have been a good time to include someone like Willie Mays, Jesse Owens or Jackie Robinson in, or would it have spoiled the tableau that McCain and his spinmeisters are trying to paint?

McCain's campaign couldn't be starker contrast to the one Obama will be making when he goes one on one with McCain? Does McCain really think independents are swayed by commericals such as this, or is it more likely he is just trying to energize or more accurately anesthetize his conservative base? That is the only way I can explain such a transparent attempt to preach to the converted. But are there enough of them left in America 2008, to win McCain the election?

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