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Clinton on Leno April 3, 2008

part 1:

part 2:

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Steve Crickmore:

What did you think, Lee? I know you have said before, on more than one occasion that Obama lapses into his stump speech, when is searching for something to say in a debate, but in part 2 especially, wasn't that all word for word, Hillary's campaign hustings material everyone has heard before numerous times, except for possibly Leno? I think he needs take a basic civics or politics 101 course or was he purposefully playing dumb?

I think Leno had a list of questions to hit on - Chelsea's role, the superdelegates role, etc, and what you see in all of his interviews with politicos is that he plays it straight - which may look like playing it dumb - but what he doesn't do is spin the question or press hard on any candidate - not Clinton and not McCain or Obama either.

The good news is that, unlike Obama, Clinton's words weren't plagiarized.


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