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Ferraro Reacts to Obama Hate Machine

Geraldine Ferraro reacts to the most recent, headline-making incident sparked by the ever-present Obama hate machine.

Apparently frustrated by the failure of the Obama campaign to shut down the primary process by declaring themselves the winner and declaring all future primaries unnecessary, Obama surrogates like Randi Rhodes are striking out at long-term democrats with a vengeance.

So far, Barack Obama is still silently standing by as the Obama hate machine, which was exemplified by revelation of his pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright's hate-filled, racist sermons, continues to gather steam and increase in the frequency and severity of the attacks against their fellow Democrats who dare have an opinion that differs from their own.

More on this soon...

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Comments (4)

Steve Crickmore:

Lee, don't you remember repeatably all through the fall, asking how anyone could possibly defeat Clinton and you suggested it would be better if Obama handed over all the money he was raising, and give it to Clinton to fight the Republican candidate and by implication bow out of the race, and that was last December 2007.

I see in short post and title you wrote the word hate four times but I suppose with you everyone lies or has a hate or attack machine but the Clintons and their apologists.

It is as if you have willfully or intentionally misread the entire campaign which you see as vicious attempt to smear the Clintons who have been the victims of mud slinging. It certainly is an unusual if not singular way of viewing a campaign which in the future will be written up as the classic fall from pride and arrogance and a complete misreading the electorate. You understand that it will be difficult to wipe away all the mean things you have said about Obama.

I suppose you will blame the 'Obama hate machine' on misleading you to include the Freddy Lockhart tape as exhibit A (even if you withdrew the tape reluctantly because of 'questions over it's authenticity', but not your judgment) in your post back in February, in which you stated that Obama with his student radical past, his Muslim father, and his immaturity should withdraw his candidacy and make a deal to be veep, under Clinton.

Or your earlier series with blow to blow headlines, transcript coverage and tag lines worthy of National Enquirer on the salacious Sinclair videos you wondered implicitly why they weren't getting the mainstream attention they deserved..I guess that was another example of the most recent, headline-making incident sparked by the ever-present Obama hate machine in action.

It seems that here has been alot of unconscious hate generated in this campaign but I would look in another direction.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I criticize Obama, and you attack me.

What "other direction" is needed? - it's all right in front of your nose, Steve.

If Ferraro had any integrity, she wouldn't be appearing on Faux News.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Barack appears on Fox News - in fact he went on Fox at the height of the Reverend Wright scandal.

I guess Obama has no integrity...


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