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Welcome to Barack Obama's America - 36 States

36-star flag.jpg

Welcome. I hope you're privileged enough to live in one of the Obama states, because if you don't, you just don't count. Remember Barack's speech - that there are no "red" states and "blue" states, just the United States of America? That's just more BS. In Barack Obama's world there are Clinton states, and there are Obama states, and the Clinton states like Michigan and Florida don't count, and forget about voting in a primary if you haven't already -- your vote doesn't matter to Barack Obama.

The two stars in the center represent Florida and Michigan. In Obama's America the Democrats in Florida and Michigan don't get a say in the Democratic nominating process. He fought tooth and nail to block the primary do-overs, because Barack Obama doesn't want those states to count.

One of the 'solutions' recently floated by the Obama camp was to split the Michigan delegates 50-50. Barack's name didn't even appear on the ballot, and he wants half the delegates, or the alternative is to not count them at all.

Welcome to Barack Obama's America.

The 12 'X's across the lower stars? Those represent the states which have yet to hold their primaries. Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, West Virginia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota - the Obama surrogates are banging the drum trying to get Clinton to quit now, and the result is that voters in those states won't get a chance to air their concerns, and talk back to the candidates. Their voices aren't needed in Barack Obama's America.

And as to the record-breaking voter registration effort that is resulting in record numbers of Democrats getting involved in the democratic process?

Aww, Barack doesn't need them to get involved and have their say. They aren't a part of the Barack Oabama America - he just plain doesn't need their votes. He wants to be declared the winner now, and he's got his people out there telling you that all hell will break lose if the superdelegates don't end this race now.

Welcome to Barack Obama's America.

(h/t Taylor Marsh)

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Comments (6)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Did somebody say something about "derangement syndrome".

Larkin, watching your BDS evolve into CDS has been amusing....

The Obama core of support is like a cult. They don't care what he's done; they don't care what he'll do; they don't care what he's said, or its relation to the truth.

They are just all swooning over him, without any idea of these things. Reminds me of the cultists in one of the Indiana Jones movies, or real-life Moonies or Hare Krishna. They are even more slavish in their devotion than the Paul-bots - which is disturbing, since at least the Paul-bots hope to gain something in return for their support (mainly the "freedoms" to use drugs and view kiddie porn, but at least they get something out of it).

Disturbing. . .

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

careful... he gets upset easily.


I dunno Jim. The Paulians haven't given up hope yet, and his chances never got near BHO's.
The Paul nuts usually give reasons (mostly nutty ones) for supporting him, unlike many of Obama's fans, but I think if BHO tanks in the future, much of his support will dwindle.
My question is how many of the hard core BHO fans will vote for Hillary, how many will stay home and how many will suicide vote in protest?
Personally, I think more of Clinton's crowd would have the maturity (or if you please, the cold pragmatism) to vote for Obama if he wins the primary.

odera ozoka:

I don't understand your logic here, it's very one sided--to say Obama does not want MI, FL to count is simply not true. No one campaigned in those states, it was understood by both parties that their delegates were not going to be counted due to rules that were broken---even Hillary said those states wont matter...look into your facts, she said so.

Finally Clinton is a cherry picker, she picks the states that favor her then lie to the American people that only those states count--then she goes on to say they are big states and only her can win them..EARTH TO CLINTON AND HER FANS OBAMA HAS ONE MORE STATES! AND MORE "BIG STATES" THAN CLINTON:)

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

There's no logic involved, just cold hard facts.

There was time, interest, and resources to re-do the Florida primary.

Barack Obama blocked that effort because he stands to lose more than he gains in terms of votes and delegates.

Clinton won the important, battleground states - the states, like Pennsylvania, that Democrats have to win in November in order to succeed in gaining the White House.

I understand many Obama fans don't have the knowledge and experience to grasp the difference, but at this point its up to the superdelegates to understand it - they either will or won't.

Obama won many states that in the larger scheme of the November election don't matter as much in terms of winning the White House.


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