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Hillary Clinton is a Mad As Hell Bitch

An interesting YouTube video documenting just some of the media bias against Clinton.

This video is apparently in support of a Friday, April 11 protest effort in New York designed to draw attention to the bias against Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Voter Protest Event!

Join us in New York City at West 48th and Rockefeller Plaza at 8:00am to protest the media bias and voter suppression!

Stand up for your rights! Don't let the media tell you who to vote for! Protest against the suppression of millions of votes and the gender bias and discrimination against Hillary Clinton by the National News Networks!

The Clinton campaign recently shifted focus, emphasizing the historic 'glass ceiling breaking' aspect behind Hillary's effort, while courting women to rise up and support Clinton's bid for the nomination, as is evident in this Pennsylvania fundraising 'internet video' released last week by the Clinton campaign.

More at acj.com:

In a recent Hillary Clinton fundraising video, the cameras purposely zoom in on the faces of enraptured female supporters. They pan to signs in the crowd: "Pennsylvania Women for Hillary," "Our Mamas for the Mama" and "The Butler Girls (heart) Hillary." The spot focuses almost entirely on women.

"She is a symbol for the females," one Pennsylvania woman says into the camera. "I'm 60 years old, and I want her to win."

From the beginning of her historic run for the White House, Clinton has worn with pride the mantle of the first viable female presidential candidate, citing how women who were born before they had the right to vote routinely send her letters of encouragement and envelopes of money. During the earliest days of her campaign, she talked about breaking "America's highest glass ceiling."

Yet the Clinton campaign also has had to tread carefully on the topic of gender to avoid alienating male voters who may still struggle with envisioning a female commander in chief, as well as some as well as some female voters who, many analysts believe, worry that Clinton is too polarizing a figure to successfully represent their gender.[...]

Some analysts suggest that as her chances of winning the nomination grow slimmer, the Clinton campaign has little to lose and will increasingly focus on gender as a way to motivate her base and increase campaign contributions as well as to explain how unfairly they believe she is being treated by the news media and the Democratic Party.

Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in North Carolina, "Apparently it's OK to say bad things about a girl." Madeleine Kunin, the former governor of Vermont and a Clinton supporter, fumed over recent calls for the candidate to quit the race, saying, "It seems a bit patronizing to say, 'Honey, you've got to drop out for the good of the party.'"[...]

Still, it seems clear the Clinton campaign is going to go after women voters aggressively with a female-centered message in the coming weeks. In a recent speech to Pennsylvania women, Clinton pointed out that the state's pivotal April 22 primary falls on national "Equal Pay Day" and reminded women that the average American woman currently earns only about 77 cents for every dollar her male counterpart earns. She said that women make more of a family's health-care decisions and thus have more of an interest in her plan for universal health care than men. And she promised to bring her experiences as "daughter, sister, wife and mother" to the White House.

The question is how effective such a strategy will be. Schroeder concedes there is a grave risk of turning off male voters by turning the spotlight so clearly onto gender.

And there is no way to predict how the strategy will fuel the segment of America that has been most aggressive at bashing Clinton. The vitriol, after all, already has been significant. One nasty example that infuriated Clinton supporters was when McCain was asked at a South Carolina rally, "How do we beat the bitch?" Another well-known and blatantly sexist slap is a 44,000-member Facebook group called "Hillary Clinton Stop Running for President and Make Me a Sandwich."

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Comments (4)

Mary Bartell Parker:

Hillary has a voice here in Winston Salem!! We can still win this election!! It is only through your support, that we can make Hillary Rodham Clinton our next president!!
Hillary Clinton Campaign Headquarters
704 Brookstown Ave.
Winston Salem, NC
come show your support!!

John S:

You Democrats are a hoot! Anything less than unquestioning adoration is considered media bias? Try and win an election with the blatant negative bias that Republican candidates accept as normal. You couldn't do it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Seen any press bias against McCain so far?

Me neither.


Thank you for taking the time to create a blog post on the video "Mad as Hell/Bitch".

The video was created by two grassroots supporters who met online, IndyRobin and GeekLove08. It took 4 weeks to create the video as we were collaborating via e-mail and we had a lot of material to work with. Both of us are fairly new to YouTube-- I started to create videos in February and this was IndyRobin's first video.

We believe that the message of misogyny, as well as the character assassination of Hillary Clinton, by the media is an important one. We are "mad as hell" that television has become what Edward R. Murrow had warned about in 1958 when he said "This instrument can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box."

Thanks to people like you, the video has gone "viral" spreading through the internet, and perhaps inspiring people to speak out against the media.

If you and/or your readers have the opportunity, we would appreciate it very much if you could go to the original video post on YouTube and RATE the video, post a COMMENT on the video, and FAVORITE the video. These actions will help the video earn YouTube "honors" which may help further promote the video online. (You can get to the YouTube site for the video by double clicking the video on your blog.)

Thanks again for your post.


P.S. The video is not an anti-Obama video, but rather a video against the media bias. No matter who one supports, this type of character assassination and sexism by the media should not be tolerated. However, for those who do support Hillary Clinton, a donation to her campaign, for those who can afford it, would be great. There is a donation link on YouTube. The donation link appears when you click "More info" that appears next to the video information "Added: April 06, 2008". I will also try to post a link here too -- Click to Donate. Thanks.


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