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More of Obama's Lies Documented

There are more and more YouTube videos showing up juxtaposing Barack Obama's ongoing lies and distortions with the facts.

Here's a pair that have surfaced recently regarding Obama's distortion of John McCain's position on Iraq, and Obama's continued efforts to lie about what he said.

More to Come.

Update: Jake Tapper at ABC NEWS, emphasis mine:

* It is accurate to say that Obama has in the past distorted McCain's comments. Watch a Republican Youtube video that shows Obama's words from today and from the past HERE (Tapper linked to the first video above).

* It is a matter of opinion to say that voters are "tired of distortion, name-calling, and sound bite solutions to complicated problems." But it is accurate to say that Obama wrote that opinion in his book "The Audacity of Hope," and that he is violating his own stated aspirations. (Audacious indeed.) Because not only has he distorted what McCain said, he is not being honest about having made those distortions.

It's beyond me why Obama would want to change the focus of this debate from McCain's willingness to have troops in Iraq indefinitely to his misrepresentation of what McCain said. As ABC News' Ron Claiborne sagely noted McCain's actual remarks are sufficient Democratic ammo.

Obviously Barack has grown accustomed to repeating lies over and over and having them stick, unquestioned.

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