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Obama Tries Again

Despite his statement just last week that the primary process should run its full course (apparently another lie, something Obama is doing a lot of these days) Obama's people are at it again.

36-star flag.jpg

Welcome back to Barack Obama's America, a land of only 36 states - the rest don't (or shouldn't), according to the Obama folks, have a voice in who gets the Democratic nomination. The Obama camp wants to shut down the primary process.

The latest front on the effort by Barack Obama to marginalize Democrats in the remaining primaries, and make those votes null? Virginia

Eager to stop intraparty fighting, dozens of local Democratic Party leaders are urging Virginia's superdelegates to unite around Barack Obama for president.

The petition was intended to push the state's uncommitted delegates into forsaking Hillary Clinton in her nomination battle with Obama.

It was signed by 36 local party chairmen, some of them from Virginia's largest localities, and five congressional district party chairs. Most of the signers, but not all, endorsed Obama, said Arlington Chairman Peter Rousselot, one of the architects of the petition.

There was no evidence Tuesday that the tactic was working, even on a superdelegate who endorsed Clinton but has wavered for weeks.

Jennifer McClellan, a member of the House of Delegates, said she won't make up her mind until all of the Democratic state conventions and caucuses are over.

The purpose of the convention in August is to select a Democratic candidate. Barack wants to short circuit that process and have the race decided now.

Welcome to Obama's America, where Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Nebraska, West Virginia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota don't matter, and where the votes of Democrats in Florida and Michigan don't count.

And still no comment on Clinton's tax returns, Barack? What gives? You were whining for weeks about how mysterious and sinister Clinton was for "hiding" her tax returns, and now that they are out in the open.... silence from Barack Obama.

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So Obama has how many supporters in this country? Do the comments that every single one of them make count as what "Barack wants"?

Now I'm not an Obama supporter, and will almost certainly not be voting for him, but very few, if any of what you have called "Obama lies" really seem to hold any water. Certainly none of the "lies" you've highlighted are on the same level as Clinton "misspeaks"

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

You're not an Obama supporter? If you're naive enough to believe that Obama's campaign didn't either initiate this move or at a minimum give their ok to it, you're naive enough to vote for Barack...


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