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Randi Rhodes and Her Hate-Filled Rant - Update - Rhodes Resigns

Bumped and Updated: Randi Rhodes resigns rather than apologize.

Randi Rhodes, the radio talk show host who was suspended last week from Air America after going on an obscenity-laced tirade against Hillary Clinton and one of her prominent supporters, has resigned.

Mark Green, president of Air America Media, told FOXNews.com that Rhodes terminated her contract Wednesday after she refused to apologize on air for her remarks.

"We sought an apology, because of what she had said ... Like Imus, like David Shuster," Green said. "She refused and instead last night informed us she was terminating her contract with Air America, which she has the option to do."

He said she was not forced out -- "She exercised her option."

Just another example of the hate-filled Obamatrons and their extreme views.

Related: Ferraro's Reaction to Rhodes from a few days ago - link.

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Hate-filled Obama supporters like Randi Rhodes are everywhere these days, and when I wrote this post yesterday with the clip of Geraldine Ferraro's reaction the only YouTube clip documenting Rhodes hate-filled attack was this 5 and a half minute clip, and I was hoping to find a shorter version to post, but so far no luck.

So here it is, Obama-loving Randi Rhodes, spewing her vile crap in all of her glory, Praise Obama!

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Comments (6)

Steve Crickmore:

I agree this is pretty awful, even considering these are different times, particularly in stand-up comedy, different mores, but there is really no excuse for it and Obama of course, should disown himself from her performance, if the rally was connected it any way, with his campaign.

I wouldn't call her a surrogate, however. I'm more interested with what the candidate says than one of his foul-mouthed followers, like every other candidate. Obama's supporters are probably in the main more passionate than Hillary's and you must expect a little of that, even if it would be better we were spared some of them like Randi. At least, we can't say all of Hillary's detractors are suffering from misogyny.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

It's all part of the culture of hate that just permeates the Obama camp, Steve.

Is what Randi Rhodes said very much different that Reverend Jeremiah Wright's hate-filled tirades? Not very...

"Down," it's the new "Up". Barack isn't elevating the political discourse in this country , he's dragging the entire Democratic Party down to the level that he's been taught and 'preached at' for twenty years.

Sher called a US Senator a "F*cking Whore", Steve.

Welcome to Barack's America.

Steve Crickmore:

I agree I only went to 'one comedy show in my life in Baltimore and it was pretty bad. Though I remember that a Vietnam/Black Panther protest demonstration in May Day 1970, in New Haven, that I attended with Hillary Rodham and 15,000 other primarily young students in May Day there were a lot of 'f' words used onstage by speakers such as Jerry Rubin, and Abbie Hoffmann to describe Nixon and his 'war' administration.

My main rejoinder is that Obama is much different in style than Reverend Wright or Randi Rhodes. Both of these were preaching to constituencies that expect these kind of strong brash opinions. Obama doesn't anger easily and so he doesn't take offence easily. That is normally a good quality, but I can see he isn't always the sort of person who will quickly denounce those who fall out of line. Very few are in life and they won't have too many friends or allies in politics. And I'm sure Obama been called far worse in his life has remained silent for the most part.

Again don't judge him by all his thousands of vocal followers. It is hard to keep up with Hillary's new found, even luke warm media conservative supporters such as Richard Scaife, Robert Murdoch, Anne Coulter and now even Karl Rove preferring Hillary to Obama, and I haven't heard many ringing denuciations from her about them recently.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

I guess after spending twenty years listening to sermons from Reverend Wright we can't expect Barack to be bothered by discourse such as Rhodes.


wow. she says stuff like this about bush and republicans and the best we can expect from the left is silence. she starts saying this kind of stuff about other democrats and now suddenly she is hate filled?

hyprocrocy thy name is Democrat.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Imagine if a Clinton supporter call Obama the "n" word, then refused to apologize. The press would go crazy over it.

And rather than apologize Rhodes is content to slip into obscurity. I've never listened to her radio show, but I've read dozens of comments in the last few days from listeners who are glad to see her go.


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