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Bill Weighs in on GettyGate

Bill nails it:

"Folks, I was shaking hands and taking a few pictures backstage. This fellow looked at me and he said, 'I just want you to know, the people you're about to see are not bitter. They're proud," Clinton told an applauding audience.

"They just want this country to go in a different direction. They want to restore the middle class, reclaim the future for our kids, reform the government and take it away from the special interests, restore America's standing in the world, bring our troops home for Iraq, and take care of our veterans and our men and women in uniform. That's what Hillary offers," continued Clinton.

Obama ponders whether he can overcome middle-class 'bitterness" and "heal" the good people of America. How pompously arrogant of him.

hillary_door-to-door.jpgAll that we Americans need is the framework and tools. Nobody's clinging to guns and religion waiting for Barack to save them. They're waiting for a Democrat who will give them the tools and backing to let them fix it themselves.

We built this country with our bare hands, we don't need Barack Obama to take pity on us.

Barack doesn't "get" Americans. He wants to reinvent us instead, in his own image no doubt.

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Comments (4)

Are the Obamatrons ready to board Star Trek: Voyager? Do any of them remember how this began? Hint: Goggle the first sentence and follow the links.

This is a stunning story that only a willing, sycophant and dishonest MSM could create. Honestly, the term Frankenstein comes to mind, which well explains why Hillary ignores the polls and delegates and stays around. Hillary understands the Real Politic that surrounds this debate.

Obama, to coin a well known political metaphor, believes he was born on third base and went through life thinking he hit a triple. While this is often said of wealthy Republicans, Obama will never succeed in distancing himself from his comments in San Francisco. He has branded himself as an elitist.

Hugh, I don't really think the intent of Obama's remarks were really "elitist". Look where he came from. He was raised by a single mother, while the Clinton's claimed $109 million on their tax returns this year. I think Obama merely reflected that many Americans sometimes wrap their frustrations in things that could sometimes be seen as somewhat "redneck" compared to much of the world. In some places like France, when workers were poorly paid, they join the Communist Party instead.

The American sense of class consciousness is very different than much of the world where many join or support leftist organizations when class poverty strikes, while many Americans turn to more right wing things by comparison. There are many dirt poor Americans who live in the South that vote Republican for example, while the poor of Europe mostly line up with leftist parties like the Socialists or even the Communists.

Steve Crickmore:

This is another form of molehill politics

Bill Clinton in 1991, when they still had some steel mills in Pennsylania and some factories, when he was running for President, under the slogan invented by Hillary- "I still believe in a place called Hope", said; "The reason (George H. W. Bush's tactic) works so well now is that you have all these economically insecure white people who are scared to death,"

So it is o'kay or even praiseworthy to say these economically insecure white people are scared to death, when they still had some steel mills and factories, but 17 years later, when they have completely lost what they were only "scared to death of losing" to say that the people are "bitter" because they have now lost what they they previously were scared to death of losing, according to Bill, partly because of the illusory promises of NAFTA is a complete faux pas..This makes a lot of sense. Why don't we ask them? That would seem a non-elitist respnse.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

The elitist Obama thinks working class Americans are "clinging to guns and religion out of desperation" - just waiting for the anointed ObamaMessiah to save them.

What a crock.


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