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Barack Obama in Pictures and Words

Words: Barack Obama attacks Hillary Clinton for her recent criticisms of his elitists remarks:

"Around election time, the candidates can't do enough for you. They'll promise you anything, give you a long list of proposals and they'll even come around, with TV crews in tow, to throw back a shot and a beer," he said.

And they say pictures are worth a thousand words... these certainly are:

"With all due respect, this is the same politician who spent six days posing for clichéd camera shots that included bowling gutterballs, walking around a sports bar, feeding a baby cow, and buying a ham at the Philly market (albeit one that cost $99.99 a pound). Sen. Obama's speeches won't hide his condescending views of Americans living in small towns."--Clinton Campaign

I don't think Obama realizes how ridiculous he's looking and sounding these days.

More words from Obama:

Obama then gave Clinton a backhanded compliment for staying in the race. "This has been a hard fought contest partly because Sen. Clinton has been a formidable candidate. You know there aren't very many figure in American politics that can sustain eleven straight losses and hang into a race, and raise $35 million dollars and in that sense she's unique."[...]

and this pompous donkey proceeds to bray some more:

"I have tried to figure out how to show restraint and make sure that during this primary contest without damaging each other so badly that its hard for us to run in November. Obviously its a little easier for me to say that since I lead in delegates, in states, and in popular vote," Obama said. "Sen. Clinton may not feel that she can afford to be as constrained but I'm sure that Senator Clinton feels like she's doing me a great favor because she's been deploying most of the arguments that the Republican party will be using against me in November and so it's toughening me up."

Oh, poor baby... is Hillary picking on you Barack? Look who's bitter now - lol. At least he admits that he's a tenderfoot in need of toughening.

The problem is that Obama's recent condescending, pompous, elitist BS is only further illustrating that he's nothing more than an empty suit, at his best when he's mouthing words plagiarized from others, and in sum nothing more than an arrogant ass.

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