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Misogynist at HuffPo Appeals to "Mother" Clinton

Clinton_PA.jpegAnother Obama supporter is exposing his gross misogyny. Check out Paul Loeb with his "Letter to Hillary: Remember When John McCain Slimed Your Daughter" post. I'm surprised he didn't mention an apron and housework...

Dear Hillary,

Reasons abound why you should do all you can to defeat John McCain--but for you, it should be personal. Maybe you've forgotten in the heat of the Democratic contest. But remember McCain's cruel joke about your daughter, when Chelsea was 18 and vulnerable. This alone should give you every reason to stand against McCain--and nothing to boost his chances.

McCain made the joke at a 1998 Republican Senate fundraiser. "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" he asked. "Because her father is Janet Reno." Chelsea was a lovely young woman then, and is even lovelier now. But when you're 18, an attack like that can be deeply wounding. It's outrageous for McCain to slime an innocent young woman who'd done nothing to offend him--just to throw red meat to a Republican crowd.

It would be bad enough had McCain's joke targeted only Janet Reno and you, feeding the misogynist myth that any assertive woman must be gay. But as adults, both you and Reno could recognize the nasty joke as reflecting solely on the man who made it. Sliming teenage Chelsea like that, however, crossed a fundamental line--a line that I'm sure matters for you and Bill as parents.

Loeb dances and prances around his misogynistic musings further, listing numerous reasons why Clinton should want John McCain defeated in November then, finally, exposes his private -- uhm, "thoughts" on the action that Hillary should take.

Act surprised now... Loeb feels that she should just resign from the race, no doubt so the men in the Democratic party can take care of big bad McCain.

Yes, Hillary's contribution towards defeating McCain is to support the male candidate in his effort to defeat McCain. Never mind that she's better qualified for the job - just step aside and let the men handle this...

It must be difficult to have envisioned your making history as America's first women president, with the chance to lead the country toward your most passionate heart-felt goals--and then to see the nomination steadily slip away. I'm sure you're frustrated and angry that after withstanding all the right-wing assaults, you may miss the electoral prize. But think of your daughter and dedicate yourself from this point forward to defeating McCain.

Think of your daughter (who is grown adult by the way) and just step aside, Hillary... Amazing.

I remember the good old days when Democrats like Barack Obama would speak up against the treatment of women in this demeaning manner... but apparently those days are long gone. I'm sure you won't hear anything other than some deep chuckles from the Obama camp on this one.

Update: I wonder if Hillary's daughter was a son instead -- do you think Loeb would be suggesting that Clinton's son needs his mommy? Or is the fact that Chelsea is female just another reason for Loeb to spew this crap?

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Comments (2)

The answer to your question is yes, if Chelsea had been a boy and McCain had attacked him similar, I would be equally outraged. I'm a parent of a teenager, and they're vulnerable. So McCain was and is over the line.

Support Hillary all you want, but I worked as hard as I could to elect my state's female governor and Senators, so I'm angered to be called a misogynist.

I never said Clinton should withdraw. I said it was her choice, but if she continued she ought to be civil

If you want to work to elect a man, McCain, who wants to take America back to the 1920s in terms of gender roles, be my guest, but I hope the rest of us will be wiser

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

How absolutely snooty of you to pass on the offer to work on the McCain campaign. As if there wasn't a third candidate in the running, the one kicking Barack Obama's butt all across a stage in Philadelphia at the moment.

Your words speak for themselves, even when they're cloaked in smarm.

To have brought up Clinton's motherhood in relation to her adult daughter and suggest her motherly instincts should kick in - all for the good of the country of course -- just step aside and be a"mom" - that speaks loudly enough.

Perhaps you aren't always -- or even usually -- misogynistic. This clearly was.


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