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I Suppose Obama Could Just Plead the Fifth

Obama supporter and blog founder Markos Moulitsas (aka "Kos") of the DailyKos website has a novel suggestion for Obama. When the questions get touchy, as they did last night, just refuse to answer them.

I honestly don't understand why Democrats haven't learned to ignore the bullshit substance-less questions and simply say, "Okay, that's a dumb question. Let's talk about something people care about, like the housing crisis."

Just bypass the idiotic questioners and talk about the things that the Democratic primary electorate actually want to talk about.

I suppose Obama pleading the Fifth Amendment when questioned about Rezko and some of the other seamier issues will be his next suggestion, but lawyer Barack Obama has shown himself to be pretty light on his feet so far, and quite the artful dodger.

He's been doing an excellent job of avoiding answering tough questions -- so much so the press has largely given up asking them, and that's why last night's reversal of that trend has the ObamaManiacs chattering (scroll down to the Update on that link).

This isn't the first time Kos has exhibited his passion to see Obama elected:

On Mar. 17 2008, Moulitsas stated that Senator Hillary Clinton did not stand for the principles behind The Daily Kos and said Clinton "doesn't deserve fairness on this site." He equated the Democratic primary to a "civil war."

Hoo-Ya! and General Markos has issued the marching instructions to his loyal troops.

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It's looking more and more as if Antoin "Tony" Rezko will be convicted. Add to that the statements of Bill Ayers to the New York Times (in the days just after the Spetember 11th attacks) where he lamented not bombing more things while an active member of the Weather Underground and Barack Obama is finished before he's even begun. Obama is a god "Artful Dodger", but a great one he's not.

John S:

"When the questions get touchy, as they did last night, just refuse to answer them..."

It worked for Hillary Clinton. If she hadn't told the Whitewater grand jury "I can't recall" 200 plus times, she'd be in federal prison to this day.


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