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Obama's Political Machine Will Try to Steam Roll Clinton Again

Watch for the Obamatrons and the Obamedia to renew their attempt to steam roll Clinton out of the race with calls for her to withdraw.

Their candidate took a beating last night, and had to face questions he hasn't had to face before. The Machine is up in arms, and will attack Clinton relentlessly as a result.

Prediction - Obama refuses to debate Clinton in North Carolina as previously agreed. He'll use his faux outrage over being asked tough questions in last night's debate as an excuse to back out of the North Carolina debate but....he won't back out until after the Pennsylvania primary next Tuesday.

Update: Obama is already hedging...

Sen. Barack Obama on Thursday suggested he doesn't see any point in having another debate with Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has agreed to a debate next week, but Obama has not yet accepted the invitation.

At an appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina, Obama said he has a lot of campaigning to do in a limited amount of time.

Obama said he had agreed to an earlier debate, but Clinton declined that one.

"I'll be honest with you, we've now had 21," he said. "It's not as if we don't know how to do these things. I could deliver Sen. Clinton's lines; she could, I'm sure, deliver mine."

Obama said he has to look at his schedule, considering the upcoming primaries.

He'll lie about this, just as he lies about so many other things. He'll claim he's just too busy.

Update II: Obama is already whining, and the DailyKos/Moveon.org folks are really piling it on as well. They're setting the stage for Barack to duck out of future debates thereby avoiding tough questions on national television with Clinton by his side to press harder.

What a wimp! What a putz! He's gotten a free ride and now that there was one bump for him in the road last night and he's wimping out. Check out the Arrogant One's smirking in this video clip...

Here are the aforementioned whiners at HuffPo:

Jeffrey Feldman: Et Tu, ABC?:
For months, now, there has been an effort to frame the Democratic front-runner not just as a bad candidate, but as a potential violent threat to the American public.

Jerry and Joe Long: What Passes For Debate:
Back in the days of our radio show, our standard name for the media was one taken from Jerry Lewis..."pimps and whores". After last night, it's obvious we were too kind.

Jason Linkins: Worst. Debate. Ever.:
All of these questions have been beaten to a pulp, grim death. And neither candidate really had anything new to add to the responses they've already offered time and time again. It was as if ABC News, left out of the twenty-four hour news cycle that spawned these zombo-droid queries, needed to get in their licks on the same matters, too, just so they could feel like they'd played a part in every last one of the primary season's glittering inanities.

As we're now seeing, and as was painfully evident in last night's debate, there are very good reasons why Obama's handlers don't want him on camera if the media is asking tough questions.After twenty-one debates they wanted to hear the same old questions asked again...

Obama was pinned down and vetted to a greater extent than ever before, and the Chattering Obamatrons won't sit still for it... and have called for a hangman's noose for ABC. No surprise - they aren't used to their Messiah being put in the spotlight by the press. Obama's free ride slowed for just 90 minutes, and the legions of followers are up in arms.

Off-script and on his heels, Obama failed miserably. And this putz thinks he can sit at the table with Ahmadinejad? Spare us, superdelegates - and put an end to this travesty.

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I couldn't agree with you more. The super delegates need to get the sleazy, slimy, lying Hillary Clinton out of the race now.

At least six of them have moved this week, including two today.


The reaction of Obama and his supporters is absolutely pathetic, yet entirely predictable. What are they going to do in the fall when he is getting hammered ad nauseum about Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright by various political organizations? The commercials are going to make the Swift Boat Vet spots look tame by comparison, and will likely do far more damage(if such a thing is possible). Whining like this will certainly not endear him to undecided voters, particularly when his childish behavior is contrasted starkly to the demeanor of a man who spent six years in a POW camp.
The Obama automatons better learn fast that crying is not an aphrodisiac, or we will be looking at a McGovernesque landslide in November.

The super delegates were added, and then raised to 20% of the total number of delegates at the convention, for the precise purpose of avoiding a November disaster by overturning a mistake by the primary electorate.

While many Obamatrons "argue" super delegates ought follow the vote of their state or district (unless their state or district went for Clinton, in which case the view is "let your conscience be your guide, you bitter white racist hick"), that is ridiculous on its face. If that's what super delegates were supposed to do, there would have been little purpose to having them in the first place. They could have inserted a rule directing super delegates' decisions; they did not. And certainly the Democratic Party has had ample opportunity since 1980 to correct that, if it were an oversight, and has not only NOT changed the system, NO candidate or group has ever even challenged the arrangement - until now, of course.

As Obama is exposed, little by little, to be an ill-prepared, inexperienced rookie politician with an arrogant disdain for the middle class, a tendency to feel warm and fuzzy towards America's enemies, to embrace radicals, including those (unrepentant) with violent pasts, those with repugnant racist views, those who hate the American way of life, and those with hostile views towards Israel, who might lead his party to a dreadful defeat in the fall, his strategy naturally becomes to force a decision as soon as possible.

Looks like the folks who had the idea of super delegates got it right. To all you "supers" out there, remember: there are lots of other offices for which Democrats will be running in November. Are they to be offered up as sacrifices to the blood lust of an messianic cult?


Obama flipped off Hillary at the 1:10 mark. Even the audience caught it and cheered.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Got it - thanks, Eric.

Peter Kallenberg:

Both Clintons have whined about the press from the beginning , all three are whiners.

People may be dumb, but not dumb enough to vote for Clinton, the would rather go with an unknown with some risk then to deal with Hillary


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