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More on Ayers and Obama

An interesting YouTube video is making the rounds, while Obama's legion of sycophants continue to make noise about ABC's debate format to distract Obama supporters from the question.

Larry Johnson on why this matters:

"At a minimum this reminds us that there is a pattern of bad judgment by Obama. He goes in on a land deal with Tony Rezko even though he knows Rezko is a target of a Federal investigation. And his explanation? A mistake in judgment. Now this. Anyone thinking of running for President should know they cannot take money from a terrorist and they cannot serve on a board with a terrorist. Period. But this simple lesson apparently escapes the brilliant constitutional law professor. This much we do know. Obama does not deny having a relationship with William Ayers. Obama has never repudiated the terrorism of William Ayers. If you think this is a record Obama can run on in the fall and survive you are living in an alternate universe. It is time to get some clear answers to tough questions before the Democrats sell their soul to someone whose lapses in judgment will come back to haunt them in the fall."

More on Ayers and Obama:

Obama and Ayers moved in some of the same political and social circles in the leafy liberal enclave of Hyde Park, where they lived several blocks apart. In the mid-1990s, when Obama was running for the Illinois Senate, Ayers introduced Obama during a political event at his home, according to Obama's aides. Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, later contributed $200 to Obama's state campaign.

Obama and Ayers met a dozen times as members of the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago, a local grant-making foundation, according to the group's president. They appeared together to discuss juvenile justice on a 1997 panel sponsored by the University of Chicago, records show. They appeared again in 2002 at an academic panel co-sponsored by the Chicago Public Library.

Ayers and Dohrn, an associate law professor at Northwestern University, did not return phone calls or e-mail Thursday about their relationship with Obama, their leadership of the militant Weather Underground or their decade as fugitives from the law.

Hyde Park, on Chicago's South Side, is home to the University of Chicago, an arts center, museums and other cultural institutions. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's home and the headquarters of the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH are within a few blocks of Obama's red-brick home. The neighborhood's politics are vibrant and decidedly liberal.

As a result, what is normal in Hyde Park may sound odd elsewhere in America.

Meanwhile, an arrogant Barack Obama was caught demonstrating his anger by giving his middle finger to Hillary Clinton in a speech the the day after the debate (h/t commenter Eric).

Obama claims Clinton was taking every opportunity to "get a dig in there" and he smirks as he gets his own "dig" in by childishly flipping Hillary Clinton the bird.

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Comments (3)


Really? You truly are going to claim that was Obama flipping Clinton the bird?

Three months ago when I first started coming to this site I thought there was good, relatively fair commentary on issues. Over the last month or so I have watched a continual decline in the quality and fairness of posts here.

This thread marks the point where I finally say "I've had enough" not so much because I'm offended or anything, but because the absurdity of the post has just gotten to be too much for me to have any respect left.

Codekeyguy[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Very Interesting!!! You are starting to sound almost conservative!! Welcome to the fold.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Really? What part of this post sounded conservative to you?


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