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Obama and Ayers, and Karl Rove: Swiftboat in Waiting?

Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and a Clinton supporter, thinks that there's an anti-Obama campaign in the works and that Karl Rove is behind it. Sloan is calling for a full-investigation and vetting of Obama's relationship with Ayers.

Rick Sloan says he doesn't want to see the Democrats get "Swift Boated" again this time. So the communications director for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has sent a couple of dozen friends -- union leaders and Democratic activists, mainly -- an urgent plea to pay attention to Sen. Barack Obama's connections with the 1960s anti-war group, the Weather Underground, and other leftist thinkers.

Democrats "can't be an ostrich on this" with their heads buried in the sand, Sloan said in an interview.

He sent a copy of the memo to ABC News by e-mail.

Titled "What Is Rove Up To?," Sloan writes that Rove will seek to redefine Obama's signature slogan "Change We Can Believe In" and brand it instead as "revolutionary change, change driven by an alien ideology, change no patriotic American could stomach. And he intends to do so by channeling Sen. Joseph McCarthy."

The memo (pdf) outlines Sloans' argument and sources of information. Sloan presents an interesting argument, it's worth a read.

A full investigation could exonerate Obama, so why wait until we're locked into Obama as our nominee to have the full and complete story out in the public? Let's find out everything now, not as an October surprise.

How did Rove link Ayers and Obama?

He quoted David Axelrod, Obama's senior strategist, as saying "Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school. They're certainly friendly."

In the debate Obama replied to a question on Ayers by saying that "Ayers is not someone with whom he exchanges ideas on a regular basis."

I can tell you that from my months of following and deconstructing Barack Obama closely that Obama is telling us he has exchanged ideas with Ayers, just not on a "regular basis." This is one of Obama's verbal tricks, couching the confession is the middle of a sentence that sounds like a denial. I believe there is more there that needs investigation as well.

UPDATE: Sunday morning John McCain piled on Obama by raising additional concerns over the Ayers/Obama connection.

John McCain waded into the controversy over Barack Obama's ties to Weather Underground founder William Ayers Sunday, telling an interviewer that the Illinois senator's relationship with the activist was "open to question," and his explanation of their connection "borders on the outrageous."

The presumptive Republican nominee raised the issue himself during an interview on ABC's This Week, in response to a question from host George Stephanopoulos about whether he believes Obama is as patriotic as he is.

"I'm sure he's very patriotic. But his relationship with Mr. Ayers is open to question," said McCain.

"He became friends with him and spent time with him while the guy was unrepentant over his activities as a member of a terrorist organization, the Weathermen," said the Arizona senator.

"Does he condemn them? Would he condemn someone who that says they're unrepentant and wished that they had bombed more?"

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Comments (5)

As one who doesn't support any of the three candidates, this is such an apparent Clinton attack on Obama using Karl Rove as Clinton's scapegoat. It seems the Machinists are deserving of the moniker that the Teamsters have bestowed upon them: 'Bottom-Feeders'.


You bet there is a anti-Obama plan in the works...it is called politics.


But who's behind Rove? Have you noticed that since his exit from the WH he has been a ubiquitous presence on FOX as well as the big daytime neocon aplologists, Hannity and Limbaugh? I'm sure Rupert Murdoch doesn't want to see a Dem elected any more than do the fat cat ownership of the other three major, alleged "left-wing" media outlets. Could be bad for business, as it sure looks like a Democratic congressional tsunami in the fall, regardless of the presidential outcome. Hillary was attacked when she was perceived as the heir apparent, but when Obama started to gain traction the guns were turned on him. The righty attack dogs try and nail Barack with inflamatory "gotcha" tabloid hyperbole, all the while whining about how all they're doing is the MSM's job, while there's nary a mention of actual issues that matter to people, diverting their 2 minute attention span away from the lurking boat anchor that is the Bush legacy. Look! Over here! Shiny objects!!

It's a tried and true strategy executed to perfection that has worked in the past, but something (hopefully) tells me that maybe this time the game is up. We'll see.


Things Karl Rove is not behind:
-the Lindbergh kidnapping.
-Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance.
-climate change (I don't think)
-American Idol winner
-the Detroit Tigers' horrendous start

See, I don't think he's behind everything. But he has left his foul prints on many elections since his college dirty trickster days, all of which have served to lower the level of political discourse to a level somewhere below the manhole and just above the sewage treatment plant. He's a pox on American politics and also, by the way, has at times been linked to McCain's campaign in an advisory capacity, something that a paid consultant on the Fair and Balanced network ought to come clean about, don't you think?

Calling this just politics as usual is like saying that Bush is just incompetent. If this is what we, as Americans are willing to accept as politics as usual, then we're in for it for sure and deserve whatever we get. Jo, if you smell turnips, I think it's you.


groucho, there have been dirty politics since before there even was politics. the facination the left has with Rove is just plan weird. he's not the boogeyman, nor superman, nor anything other than someone who has studied politics, been involved with politics, and has a good mind for politics.

that combined with the abject foolishness of the political operators on the left (see Bob Shrum)and weak candidates explain why he does so well against you.

as far as the media thing goes. they may not be as far left as you want them to be, but that doesn't make them conservative, or even moderate by any means. in general the media is more left-leaning than anything in an absolute sense. it's a matter of perspective.

as to the whole "swift-boating" meme. if i remember correctly, the only person who ever had to retract a statement because it wasn't true was john "it was seared, seared into my memory" kerry.


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