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Clinton Did It!


When it's a "make or break" situation and her back is to the wall she comes through time and time again.

Hillary Clinton won in Pennsylvania, a must-win state for Democrats in the November general election, and she can do the same in Pennsylvania this November against McCain.

Spending less in Pennsylvania will allow Democrats to spend more elsewhere, where it can do the most good for down-ticket Democrats.

Margins. Margins make the difference in elections. You target your money where it will do the most good. She succeeded on half the money her opponent spent.

Tell her she needs 10% and Hillary Clinton delivers!

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Oops - she only got about 9% (54.6% vs. 45.4% => 9.2% doesn't round to 10%)


The irony is that she is not going to be the nominee. Leave it to the Dems to throughly paint themselves into a corner via their guilt-ridden beliefs.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

>> "Oops - she only got about 9%"

Nice to see Matt the math midget up early, good boy!

As reported by CNN:

Clinton - 1,258,245 - 54.7%
Obama - 1,042,297 - 45.3%

Clinton's 54.7% is closer to 55% so it rounds up.

Obama's 45.3% is closer to 45% so it rounds down.

Thanks for being our contestant in the early morning edition of Imaputz. You won.



She didn't get her 10% unless the official number put her over the top. Rounding is not needed when the numbers are this precise.

But don't worry: Senator Clinton will win the nomination - no matter what it takes.

Here's the objective and cold reality here. Certainly the popular vote win looked impressive for Clinton. But it is delegates that will choose the nominee. Looking at the all-important delegate totals, Clinton only managed to gain 12 more delegates from Pennsylvania than Obama. This has left Obama just 306 delegates short of the nomination, and Clinton 449 delegates short, with 725 delegates still to be chosen.

Just like her wins on MiniSuper Tuesday when Clinton managed wins in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, Clinton only managed to come out just 6 delegates better than Obama for the day, 208-202 delegates, Pennsylvania also came up far short of changing the critical math for Clinton to win the nomination. Pennsylvania unfortunately came up as yet another example of "winning but losing" for the Clinton campaign. Pennsylvania failed to become the critical turning point for the Clinton campaign that it absolutely needed to be.

The way the math is playing out, even if Clinton could win all the remaining contests by similiar 55-45% margins, Obama will still have the nomination won by sometime in May. Things are just that difficult for Clinton. But she won't be winning all 9 nine of the remaining contests. At best she may win just 5 of 9 remaining contests.

The massive challenge for the Clinton campaign is to actually change the math in the remaining few races. Clinton needs some new strategy to suddenly win close to 70% of the popular votes and delegates in the remaining states to have any chance at all. But it is highly likely she may lose in Indiana, North Carolina, Montana and Oregon, which makes this 11th hour Clinton comeback to win the nomination even more difficult.

I'm personally going to vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who they are. But I haven't seen Clinton change the dynamics of the race enough yet in order to capture the nomination. It's not impossible. Just nearly so.


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