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Jimmy Carter's Endorsement of Barack Obama

It's become quite predictable, the way in which the Obama campaign has managed and released the endorsements during the campaign. Every time Barack's ass ends up in hot water the campaign rolls out another high-profile endorsement.

When Obama flubbed, flailed and failed miserably in last Wednesday Philadelphia debate... Shazam!, former Clinton White House notable Robert Reich's endorsement of Barack Obama is announced. The fact is that Reich has been excoriating Clinton for months now, and the endorsement was kept in the campaign's pocket and deployed when it could do them the most good.

So when an endorsement is hidden and not announced, that's noteworthy too, and that's what we're seeing now with Jimmy Carter's endorsement of Barack Obama. Just days ago a Jimmy Carter endorsement was imminent - Carter was openly signaling to the press that he was ready to tie the knot with his sympatico pal Barack Obama.

And now we see Barack Obama trying to distance himself from Carter as Carter's efforts in reaching out towards Hamas have come under criticism.

Don't let this attempt by Obama to manage public perceptions fool you. Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are two birds of a feather. Obama employs as his own chief middle east advisor none other than Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The New York Sun:

Senator Obama is standing by one of his top foreign policy advisers, Zbigniew Brzezinski, despite concerns that aligning with the former aide to President Carter will undermine Mr. Obama's support with the pro-Israel community.

Mr. Brzezinski, who served as national security adviser in the Carter administration, introduced Mr. Obama before a major policy speech on Iraq yesterday in Iowa, where the Illinois senator praised his work on the Camp David Accords and called him "one of our most outstanding thinkers."

Brzezninksi, Carter and Obama are all on the same page, and yet we see Obama attempting to distance himself from Carter.

Obama has backed out of the North Carolina debate, and apparently hasn't held a press conference in quite some time now.

Seems that Obama is learning that the more voters learn about him the less they like him. Keeping Jimmy Carter's endorsement under wraps is just more of the same old Obama dishonesty.

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Comments (4)

Tell the Clintons to go back to AK:

I think that controlling the announcements of superdelegates would be called superior tactics, wouldn't you. Clearly this neophyte politician has outdone the Clinton machine at every step of the way. He has earned the respect of having run a great campaign with an outstanding strategy. How can you not applaud this when you compare it to the mess that the Billary camp has made of their own campaign. Their only hope seems to be in the re-writing of the rules in the eight inning. Nobody is buying it.

Lee Ward[TypeKey Profile Page]:

Well, that's one way to spin it.

Meanwhile the Internet is all a-buzz over the Carter Obama connection. The more Obama "denounces" Carter the more it becomes apparent that Obama is just an empty suit blowing in the wind.

It's all just a game, like you said. If Obama gets the delegates, ol' Jimmah will come sucking up to him. Hey, Obama needs a VP - what could be better than Jimmy Carter? His foriegn affair credentials alone show how 'useful' he might be in an Obama presidency. Then we'd have two empty suits, waving in the breeze...

But don't get downwind.


Hello, don't hate OBAMA he has been playing the game very fair. Just look at the history of this moment. Hillary is very angry and it shows. She thought we would just give it to her. In other words she thought she was entitle.
Well Barack has disposed of that idea. Look at her actions it was to be expected. Now we move on. OBAMA should win hands down against a prune.


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