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Obama and the Down Ticket Democrats

Let's point the Bluemobile to North Carolina, where down ticket Democrats don't have a thing to worry about because Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama has their back...

With North Carolina and Indiana taking center stage in the political slugfest between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next critical primaries could be shaped by political dirty tricks from outside their campaigns.

Already, the North Carolina Republican party has bucked the wishes of the GOP's presumptive nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, by buying a TV ad that reminds voters - for what seems like the 1,000th time - that Obama's longtime pastor, Jeremiah Wright, has made some controversial comments regarding America's role in slavery and 9/11.

The ad, which is the first known to use Wright as ammunition in the 2008 presidential race, isn't even an anti-Obama spot - at least not on its face - but presumably is aimed at two North Carolina Democratic candidates for governor. "Now, Bev Perdue and Richard Moore endorse Barack Obama," the ad states, in a reference to the state's lieutenant governor and secretary of state. "They should know better. He's just too extreme for North Carolina."

They're ignoring McCain -- that shows great faith in McCain's leadership, eh? -- but let's not digress -- it's Barack Obama who's the dirt magnet in this episode.

And independent efforts to "swiftboat" Obama already have sprung up. A group called ExposeObama.com began sending out emails this week such as, "President Barack Hussein Obama ... the scariest four words in the English language!"

Ugly stuff, but it might be a permanent part of the picture with just two weeks to go until the May 6 primaries in Indiana and North Carolina following Clinton's 10-point win in Pennsylvania.

It'll be the the GOP and their operatives throwing the kitchen sink plus the bathtub from here on out until November, no matter if it's Clinton or Obama as the Democratic nominee. But Barack will be the focus for now, for good reason.

As a Democrat I'd be swiftboating Romney, Huckabee, Thompson, Romney or Giuliani if they'd gotten this far in the race. I'd pull out the stops to stop them, where I'm content to give McBush a free ride for now.

Obama is equally noxious to Republicans. He's too damned scary.

Obama's campaign, meanwhile, has signaled that the senator now will star at small events in Indiana where blue-collar workers dominate...

Too late Barack, I don't think the extensive damage done by Bittergate will allow you to ever win them back, despite the fact that the Obamedia has been suggesting there was no damage done.

Wait, if there wasn't a blue-collar problem for Barack why would they focus on that demographic now?

But adding misery to insult, Obama will be getting it from two sides, with Clinton unloading the kitchen sink plus that new bidet on Obama:

On the Clinton side, San Francisco veteran Democratic strategist Averell "Ace" Smith is at work overseeing Clinton's effort in North Carolina, where the strong African American electorate - one-third of all voters - gives Obama a double-digit advantage in the polls.

Smith - who delivered Clinton's victories in Texas and California - said this week that the campaign will remind voters in the Tarheel State of the "North Carolina brush-off," Obama's decision to pull out of a scheduled televised debate there on Sunday.

As I predicted, Obama backed away from the NC debate.

And the big gun from San Francisco is headed east.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a high-profile Clinton backer, is already packing his bags and preparing to campaign in Indiana, where Obama also has declined to debate and where polls suggest Clinton's chances are at least even in what is s being called the "tiebreaker" primary.

No 3 a.m. calls to Barack, you guys -- he's going to need his rest. But tough luck for down-ticket Democrats like North Carolinians Purdue and Moore. I feel for them.

With the North Carolina GOP ignoring McBush's plea to not swiftboat, and the Local GOP on the attack anyway, will Purdue and Moore likewise ignore Obama's call for "new way of politicing" and turn nasty in return?

Oh, the drama of Barack Obama!

UPDATE: The ad has been pulled.

North Carolina's Republican Party on Thursday withdrew an advertisement critical of Democrat Barack Obama's links to a controversial preacher, Republican John McCain's campaign said.

McCain senior adviser Charlie Black said he had been informed by the Republican National Committee's representative in North Carolina, that the state party had agreed to withdraw the ad.

McCain, the Republicans' presumptive presidential nominee, had appealed to the state party to withdraw the ad, saying he wanted to run a respectful campaign.

Update II: Apparently the NC revolt continues -- the ad is back on.

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Comments (2)

From: Lee Russ (McGee)

What about Republicans in this Democratic primary?

Our party has chosen their candidate ... John McCain. This has led many folks to believe that their Republican vote can be used in the Democratic primary to select the candidate they believe will be the easiest to beat in the General election.

Do not sell your vote cheaply. Our election system is only as honorable as our electors and when you give up your vote to play a game ... our country loses. Our elections become deliberate, false representations if you give up your vote dishonestly.

I have spoken with Republicans who have changed their registration (right here in North Carolina, maybe in Indiana) in an attempt to provoke an outcome favorable to their Republican candidate.

Shame on you ... what a travesty to give your children and your country. Any vote is only meaningful if the voter is honest.

I am a registered Republican ... I am basically pretty conservative. But, I will vote for Barack Obama in the general if he is the Democratic nominee ... I personally believe that we need a total "game-change" in Washington D.C.

However, I will not change my lifelong basic beliefs to play a game with my vote in this primary. It's a matter of pride ... for me and for my country.

An Obamican Owl


totally off topic, lee, but why aren't there any links to the rest of the wizbang sites on wizbangblue? they all link to you.


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